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  1. I thought they released a new song with the same title as JEWs song but it's a cover of JEWs song instead of new material from them. Since it didn't say cover I was confused. They need to quit it with the covers and make some original music. Sure the cover is great (Not as good as the original) but they really should put new original music out as well.
  2. What happened to turbografx 16
  3. Kind of reminds me of when Flyleaf's Lacy Sturm left and then started up a solo career. Need to check this out but I think Flyleaf was better off with Lacy and Yellowcard should not have ended.
  4. What's the joke? Never got into the band. Wanna start cuz this is dope shit.
  5. This shit is fire. I am not sorry for being an Attila fan! I definitely want this album!!!!
  6. Late to the party on this one but I don't think there's ever been a Shinedown album I didn't like. That being said this has some dank older vibes on this song and this album should be really good.
  7. Currently on "Sleepless In Phoenix" Already hooked on this album. Glad I Pre-Ordered the 100 pressing limit vinyl.
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