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  1. Dashboard Confessional - Crooked Shadows (2018)

    Always been a fan of this band! Love the album!
  2. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    Such a great album we got here!
  3. Senses Fail - If There is Light, It Will Find You (2018)

    This album is fantastic. If there is light, it will find you is a fantastic song! Double Cross is great!!! Every song is great!!!!
  4. Falling In Reverse - Losing My Mind (Single) (2018)

    This song could have used a breakdown at 3:03. I was lowkey expecting one but I kinda figured they weren't gonna go there. Seems like a lot of bands are going 80s / Vaporwave. I'm still gonna give the unpopular vote here and say that this is a good song despite the lack of a breakdown.