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  1. This will get me flack but I'll say it. Sometimes, heavy does not automatically mean good. Sure the heaviness adds to the experience, but if heavy is all that it is, you'll just have a whole lot of nothing. Case and point, God of Fire.
  2. i dont like this one bit, maybe because the original i so near and dear to me. they shouldn't have done this.
  3. This album did nothing for me, Dark Skies was better over all. 6.5/10 for me at least I still have Killer Be Killed's new album to look forward to.
  4. after a first listen i was able to make a rough list Songs I really liked: Silence in the Age of Apes, Colossus, and Child Songs I kinda liked: God of Sick Dreams, Justice, Gun, Wormhole, and A Secret Door Songs I didn't care for all that much: Scream Until You Wake, and When All But Force Has Failed
  5. much appreciated, cant wait to dig in
  6. Thematically it is similar to FMTS, but sounds like a cross between Shooting Star and Oroborus. very interested to see how the new album turns out
  7. Tech's verse was nice, and when the drop first happened, it was cool. However, after a while the song got repetitive when the same drop happened over and over. Had the same sorta feeling like I did with the new Fit for a King song. 6.5/10
  8. Albums that i was hyped for, but ultimately disappointed me: Mother (In This Moment), Machines(Then Comes Silence), Heartwork (The Used), The Kingdom (Bush) The album that everyone hyped up, but I didnt like: Afterburner (Dance Gavin Dance) The album that seemed like it had the most potential, but ultimately didn't live up to the expectations: I Disagree (Poppy) The Biggest train wreck of the year so far: Like A House On Fire (Asking Alexandria)
  9. the repeated give you up on "Give You Up"(shocker) is extremely jarring and kinda sad people are still using this shit in 2020
  10. i came into this record expecting a lesser Self titled, and got exactly that, but a little less than that. god damn all the verses suck ass, and its kinda sad to hear danny try to sing when he clearly cant
  11. instrumentation is good, vocals are lacking and the song doesnt really go anywhere. 6.5-7/10
  12. like i said before, people will like this, and there will be people who dont. Then there are people who like insulting those to like this just because its "cool". Just let people like what they like. This aint my AOTM (Thats gonna go to Trivium's new album), and is definitely not my AOTY, but i can tell there is effort. eh whatever, bullies will be bullies i suppose? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. this may not be as great as TSATS, but holy hell its still great. the 3 singles we got, The Defiant, Sickness Onto You, and Bending The Arc Into Fear are my personal favorite tracks. The other tracks are good in their own rights, but not as good.
  14. None of the songs here are bad per se, Prisoner and Three Wishes were good listens imo, but the rest was some what samey and interchangeable. I do see the appeal in these and can understand if people will call this AOTY, but this aint for me. Then again this is the first DGD album i listened to.
  15. a lot of this album is just boring, as she sounds as though she isn't really trying. No songs have no energy, and the cover songs are extremely cringe worthy, especially the queen cover
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