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  1. They were better as generic pop punk band #39 Payale Royale is actually really cool, I gotta talk to them at rocklahoma
  2. This is just as good as all the others, this will be a god tier album
  3. Gonna have to check this out. Posted single is good
  4. It's okay I guess? Still nothing revolutionary from them.
  5. 1: Trash Boat (easily, magnificent album) 2: Real Friends 3: Between You & Me
  6. Clean vocalist doesn't really sound whiny, just generic.
  7. Thanks bb, gonna go binge them now
  8. Does all their old work have clean vocals? If not I'll pass. Love full unclean stuff, just gives me a headache
  9. It's good but I don't get the hype? It seems fine but it's one of those things like Wage War where I just don't get all the hype
  10. Not really. Funny joke though Record isn't bad but it really isn't good either. It's very lackluster and only has a few good moments 5/10
  11. It's pretty good Better than lots of other stuff