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  1. Look a legitimate opinion I can see this, but I'll throw in another 2 cents, I don't think SS was a solid release front to back either. I agree. They have never had a sold release. They always have some bangers. I love them. But every album has some major flaw that keeps them from being my favorite band. Swan Songs was too inconsistent, AT felt way too same song like, NFTU had nothing that caught the ear (even though it's my favorite album from them), DOTD was too experimental and inconsistent, and V felt very poorly put together, even though I enjoyed every song except renegade Inb4 bird boy calls me security again
  2. Album probably fits in the middle (assuming we consider the double album as one whole) it's better than the last album, but not as good as the double, but definitely a banger. Grateful you sent me this discography, tracking their music down isn't easy
  3. Whole albums bangs My only, only complaint is that Fires to my Desires is not longer
  4. That's what I thought. I hope it's a new franchise
  5. I heard Bloodvorne 2? Did I miss FromSoftware announcing that their new game was that?
  6. Smsxh is definitely true, Nintendo has already said they'd theme there stuff around it
  7. If I can color you in it than any day bby
  8. Continue to be a dick instead of actually contributing something to a conversation. So you. Not even defending the band at this point. You're legitimately just being a prick
  9. This was too long to put in chat. But I find in general you're being quite the hypocrite, and a little bit of a dick over people disagreeing on opinions even though you're always the one saying "opinions and stuff" @BRDSX so basically, it's security to defend a band I like from someone who's obviously trying to start fights? Even though if I remember, you, and others did it in most of the parkway drive and Underoath threads? But because it's a band you happen to not like, it's instead being security, and "insanely sensitive"? You gave people defending escape the fate, but it's fine to defend bands you enjoy. You said bad opinions aren't welcome, isn't disagreeing with someone and explaining why, also a conversation of opinion
  10. Having a negative opinion is different than outright shutting on a band to piss people off, stop that I second this
  11. K Figured the whole rhyming + meme thing would help convey I'm not being very serious
  12. Ding dong your opinion is wrong All in good fun, there's definitely worse than this fan base though
  13. "insanely sensitive" is an exaggeration don't you think? I wouldn't say it's sensitivity when someone is obviously intentionally trying to piss people off either
  14. I mean the screams might sound different enough to be enjoyable then, will check a song after I make my way through this massive easycore playlist