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  1. I've listened to this like, three times, isn't good at all. Was the first time, died every listen after
  2. Falling in Get Scared? Choruses remind me of a mix of TDIMIY from FIR, and Get Scared
  3. You really need to calm down over this Chevelle stuff, you are taking it way too serious, may die from stress
  4. Haven't ever really liked HLH. But I'm gonna take the shit storm and say this is the only record I like from them
  5. Posted single sounds odd vocally once the vocals start, but it also sounds catchy, gonna check this out
  6. Some of these lyrics are super cheesy but that's okay, loving it "When we were playing with them like fifteen years ago" sounds like you're upset you didn't get as big
  7. you didn't? it came out officially the day before you posted this
  8. Fuck negative opinions! Yeah!