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  1. My bad, thought it was 2017 for some reason In that case it was my 2016 AOTY, thank you
  2. Gladly taking first comment on this golden band Been listening since they started, their 2017 debut was my aoty runner up Gladly here to say that this is easily my aoty and I'm not even done with it
  3. Anyway, I like this single a lot more than the second single
  4. People said they played something as heavy as Bow Down at download
  5. One of the FLAC links works. So no they all aren't broken
  6. Ahem My teas gone cold, I'm wondering why
  7. Anyone who liked Trash Boat check this out, insanely good. I'd say a 9/10 only because of those two shorties at the start of the album that sound wise kinda contribute nothing
  8. I agree with this. He really isn't the worst guy. Does a LOT for charity
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