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  1. Great work as to be expected from Silverstein. Not as meaty as it could be. But still catchy and very Silverstein sounding
  2. Imagine taking a downvote seriously Summers is right though, hard to tell on KL
  3. Woah woah dude. You're the one popping off, glad you're describing yourself. BVB sounds like old school rock? Where?
  4. >Prejudgements I don't see a serious negative comment here aside from yours
  5. Thread seems pretty meme and not actual anger, need some thicker skin about posting
  6. You've created K-pop leaks, you monster Even though this isn't K-pop, it'll happen
  7. "Some sort of borderline delusion" Should I preface this with the fact I don't think this band is good or bad? I just don't think this sounds like anything off TTS, very simple, and you do, also very simple
  8. Sounds nothing like TTS, neither did the others
  9. So glad I showed @Hope this band, very solid band in general, love them
  10. nice to know So uh, do tell, where's the safe space? And why don't community covers have a place on KL as a post? It is music, is it not? They post music here do they not? Just because you happen to not like what is posted does not mean it does not belong here I haven't listened to this but honestly this mentality of "this doesn't belong on KL" is autism incarnate. I fail to see this "safe space" thing too. Blind hatred and actual criticisms are very different things. Also if you don't want to hear a song, especially a member cover, do not click it? Like uh, you aren't required to
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