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  1. This band has honestly always been a yikes for me
  2. In chat you said this album would bring a new era of core. No.
  3. You good fam, i don't know this band like at all. I get your frustrations, but people will like what they like
  4. I don't even know this band but you gotta chill
  5. This the kinda song id listen to if I wanna feel good. But in itself it isn't their best
  6. Outstanding KSE record. KSE really sounds themselves here, and they excel at how they sound . Maybe one of their best albums to date just off first listen
  7. Most likely a Yay, KSE is a very consistent band, the second single was on thr soft side, people were pretty pissed about it, eben though they've always had one soft song an album
  8. Love that hive mind of "he downvoted me so now I have ro downvote him"
  9. BMTH still sounds more themselves than the dad rock of BFMV's last album
  10. This single gets a yikes from me. Love the other two.
  11. I hated the first single tbh, felt so forced. Like this one and the second one though
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