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  1. I think this is the worst of the 3, but it's still leagues above any song on last album
  2. Funny you comment this on what may be one of their more different songs
  3. The cover summers used is placeholder, as he did leakday alone, snd i assume didn't have to to lower the actual covers image size
  4. All these are phenomenal, but my only complaint is the songs are a tad short
  5. *likes ID as I sit nervously waiting for crucification* Still bad song
  6. What seperates a .3 from a .5? Ily angel baby but please
  7. WCAR as crabcore? No clue if crabcore, hit up Your Favorite Franchise - Future Zero
  8. As someone who just listened to the TDWP discog starting two months ago, finishing with Transit Blues yesterday to really digest a feel for their music, as of this album. TDWP has entered my top 5 bands of all time, effectively, and sadly, removing Blink 182. This album is a perfect combination of their past three albums, and I love every second of it. The two weakest tracks aren't even that weak at all, Please Say No and Diamond Lost. But i truly loved these songs as well. I don't think i could legitimately pick a favorite song from this. I haven't typed this much about an album in awhile. So to sum up. I think this is the best TDWP album. It captures the atmosphere I find i love them for, and the vocal punch i was craving and felt was missing from Transit Blues 10/10. Without a second doubt my AOTY. And I do not see anything I'm looking forward to toppling this titan of an album The only album I skipped was plagues, I'll be fixing that today
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