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  1. Eh. There's like 3-4 songs I enjoyed, it's not as good as it's predecessors, 5-6/10
  2. I mean, this doesn't really justify that he's a convicted pedophile tho, and has other rape allegations against him on top of that one. Gang shit or not, rape ≠ justifiable Gang violence is a problem, yes. It's a necessity sometimes sure, but with someone like this guy. It has gone too far imo
  3. It baffles me people here are complaining this sounds like radio music, that's what FATN has been on every release since their EP. This album is a direct continuation of the sound from their last album as well, not much changed between the two, this one is a wee bit heavier but that's about it That out of the way, it's just more FATN for me. Consistent 6-7/10 band, and I think I'll toss a 7/10 at this release
  4. I don't listen to blackpink, but here's a concept. Let people enjoy shit they like
  5. The site knows you're eagle owl though, can I please know why you do this? Not trying to bait, I really genuinely want to know
  6. Can't believe loathe is so popular that someone else is already copying them, impressive
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