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  1. That is one of the most boring Eminem segments I've ever read, and I'm a huge Eminem fan. That's so beyond basic.
  2. I listened to this at midnight with a group of friends and we discussed this album a lot after it was done, and we came to the conclusion that, the reason this is so bad, is because it adds nothing, it's so inoffensive you can't even laugh at it. It has no value in a positive or negative way, so it's just failing in general, if I'm bored, then I'm not entertained, and entertainment is part of music. This album doesn't even know what it wants to be either, it just changes sounds and whines all the time, which whining wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't hypocritical coming from a band that criticized emotional music. Hey @RockinXander downvote me like you have everyone else instead of trying to explain why you disagree
  3. 1: The Ghost Inside 2: Make Them Suffer 3: Dance Gavin Dance 4: Bury Tomorrow 5: Currents
  4. This album turned black flame into a toilet than proceeded to shit in that toilet. Cannibal is fucking amazing and may end up around my top 5 of the year
  5. Not what it sounded like to me, seemed more like he just didnt find the sound interesting
  6. So you think it's objectively good and because he doesn't like it that somehow means he didn't hear it because you liked it?
  7. The posted single sounds great, I might check this out
  8. This album is criminally underrated and extremely deep, even for SF
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