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  1. Tbe comparison has logic, that being this guy saying they'd never live to "Deuce's legacy" Sales don't always mean something is good, but generally speaking, in terms of music, popularity and money = legacy Some of the largest artists today will leave behind mire of a legacy than someone who's smaller but possibly better
  2. I compared the 2017 version, as to my knowledge, no money was made frim the 2015 version, as it was all leaked demos, i also chose AT and Nine Lives for a direct comparison as it was borderline same year Appreciate the compliment
  3. I know i know, self quote = stupid But, i did fund the sales for invincible and Five Invincible had higher sales on pre orders specifically. But Five had higher total sales, and peaked higher most areas
  4. Just as a comparison Nine lives sold 12k copies (rounded up) opening week, and peaked at 32 ob billboard top 100 American Tragedy sold 70k opening week (rounded up) and peaked at number 1 on billboard, and number 2 on various other boards For someone who used sales as their initial argument for swan songs and how deuce was better and doing better, clearly he isn't and hasn't. Regardless of how much SS sold. American Tragedy sold nearly 7 times more copies than Nine Lives And i guarantee you, despite not knowing the sales on Deuce's - Invincible album, that Five still sold more
  5. Deuxe definitely has a great legacy, with one meh selling album, and one flop of an album. Saying deuce made Hollywood Undead is hilarious, if he was the soul reason for their success, why are they still so successful and him not in nearly any margin?
  6. When it comes to the flow of rapping transition between vocalist is probably their best ever here, so i agree
  7. No offense, but like, this is what people were excited for? Of like, all possible things?
  8. You know, i rated this highly on my first listens. But this album has severely dropped off in quality since then, and has next to no replayability to me
  9. More of this please, a combination of their last 3 albums is exactly what they need to do in the future. Could release their first 10/10 in years Im sure this isn't part of an album, and their next album will probably not be like this
  10. Better then their first effort. By a mile oe more. And maybe the best thing Kurt's done since happiness
  11. Boo only eight tracks Still, excited to hear it
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