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  1. I do see how what i meant was lost actually. Just woke up. I meant thar i voted amo cause it's objectively better @NieR:Automata™
  2. Figured it might've been been important to say i voted Amo over dayseeker despite dayseeker being higher in my list, cause I do think it's objectively better I still disagree on dayseeker being generic, but I digress. The only release of these 4 really genre defying was Amo imo. As much as I meme not liking Alien, I gave it an 8/10, so i do think highly of it as well Also yes KL who isn't luky, my "ew Alien" is a mene
  3. So your argument is "i don't like it so it shouldn't be here" shit dude i guess since I didn't like Northlane and Amo much they shouldn't be here I don't think this dayseeker album was even close to the best in their discog. Even voted amo cause I thought it was more deserving than dayseeker despite liking dayseeker more. To say an album doesn't deserve to be here is absurd, especially a band like dayseeker which isn't really klcore. Neither is Northlane.
  4. Have you lost respect for every other band and rapper dropping albums on a Friday?
  5. Album is fucking dope. I feel like a fucking kid in the car jamming Eminem with my dad again. I'd put this on par with his best works. Best album since Recovery released. Thinking of throwing a big fat 9/10 at this
  6. So after extensively listening to this shit tier bands This Is My War and This Is War, This Is War is the same song but re recorded for the new album, so its still part of the album, and shouldn't be deleted as a post
  7. Sounds like he actually might have gotten Skiba and Mark on that track. I feel like that's definitely not Tony
  8. I'd like to point out that the bands production has always sounded this way
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