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  1. Country verses? I don't mind that you don't like the song but I'm not sure what you mean by country verses
  2. First ten years of releases, not first ten years as a band. I specified what I did for a reason. Unless you want to count the two demo EPs, but they don't seem to. Again, I specified what I did for a reason.
  3. The redux sets are specifically for their first ten years of releases, WBIEF-TIHTWS
  4. Not sure where the BMTH comparisons are on this track, this song is pretty standard Tects
  5. ADTR is 3/4 for me rn. I liked resentment, mindreader, and this song. Still don't like degenerates much
  6. Band has never provided evidence to the contrary, and does believe the women were raped, they just say it wasn't them I appreciate you actually having a discussion over this, very nice While I do understand what you're saying I'll keep it relatively short This whole band was accused iirc, not just one member
  7. My discredit comment was not in reference to you, it was the comment above me, before you posted Bands names will, and this isn't good, always be damaged by an allegation like that, especially when it's the singer, since they're the "face" of the band Unless the whole band was complacent, the whole band shouldn't be "cancelled", I agree. I personally struggle to seperate art from artists when the art can feel disingenuous because if those actions I do see what you mean about hypocrisy though
  8. I would argue bands doing such malicious shit is people's business when they have a platform and, in lots of cases we see, abuse that platform Saying most people don't care about SoM when that happened is dumb. People were super pissed, rightfully so, and the band got pretty handily destroyed because of it
  9. Especially when a venue came forward with the allegations, not just the people
  10. Imagine discrediting victims with "they said it on the internet" Disgusting
  11. Aside from me being a memey shitlord to edge up there, this post was pretty dead of drama, no need for this comment
  12. I register you're making a joke by calling me racist, but your joke smells of mild hypocrisy And that's what's truly golden
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