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  1. After really listening to this discography, for the first time in years yesterday, I think this is my favorite album overall, but honestly, it's a pretty solid discography for like, what it is
  2. I'd take a whole reimagined of the album after hearing this, almost over a new album I'd dare to say
  3. Remember when Rorshach said this was better than LS? Kek
  4. Man, of the two KL artists who've leaked their stuff, you can tell which has more potential
  5. BMTH- Music To.... Saint Asonia - Self Titled Though both are honestly great compared to this
  6. Decided not to wait until Thursday. So let me address my first problem, and in my opinion your absolute largest problem. Your vocals, or lack there of. You have no tone, no flow, you sound bored. Sounding bored in music is never a good thing, even with bands that aren't new (like TWA on Violent Noise) To address your flow, it's not there. The words barely even connect together, and your rhyme scheme is below par. It sounds like you forced yourself to use words that rhymed instead of finding a word that made sense in the rhyme, "call me sinful cause I'm in a pickle" or something like that, not good. I get what you meant, but there's a thousand ways to word something like that better (and rap it better) Let's address But. Don't use the beat of mockingbird, Eminem or nursery rhyme, unless you're gonna do something around it. And while you did keep up with the beat (good job actually) thematically no point in using that beat Know is boring and repetitive, was legitimately checking the tracklist to see when it was over There's no substance here is a problem. You're not saying anything, it's all lost in these mostly nonsensical lyrics, every sensible lyric, is followed by multiple nonsensical ones. Quality over quantity. Work on your vocals for the love of fucking god, or quit music. That's harsh but it's either you quit music, or learn how to do vocals. Cause even in the song you sent me your vocals haven't improved. If you can't improve as an artist, neither will your music. Stagnant music of this quality will go nowhere as anything but a meme. Sorry for not doing a track by track, this just felt better. Welcome to my 0/10 list, third release to make it there.
  7. Im waiting for the 320 to actually give you criticisms. Because I'm not listening to this in 128, I said that above
  8. Just cause you release something as a joke, or do something other people do, or are a member of the site, doesn't mean you aren't immune to the same criticism any other artist is. Maybe before releasing a song as a joke, you should learn how to take a joke too, cause no one's being very serious about the mockingbird thing
  9. iin case no one believes me, But loops the beat from certain sections of Mockingbird, here's the (obvious) song in reference
  10. Imagine releasing an EP of this low quality, low lyrical content, low mixing, and 0 vocal talent, but then also releasing a diss track on the most dramaless rapper in the business just for views Then disabling the like and dislike ratio because of the feedback you got. Hope you're ready for my review on Thursday owl. Gonna come at it with a jagged edge. Your "music" makes me genuinely unhappy Also nice Mockingbird rip on "But"
  11. Cause then that would be logical, we cannot have that.
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