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  1. I have extremely mixed thoughts towards both IAH and Ungrateful, the only album from them I think is outright terrible would be Hate Me
  2. I was being a snob and not knowing what I was talking about by forgetting a T? That's sound logic Also, how is thanking someone for putting a word in the name that's actually there being a snob?
  3. Over a year later and I still genuinely love this album. Aside from vocals, this band literally hasn't changed structurally or lyrically, even Car Crash has an Adam counterpart (Bully)
  4. This release is so weird. Ignoring all the controversy for a second. For being a completely solo project, it's pretty good. But it feels kinda like, under produced in sections and it's a little hard to listen to sometimes, but overall it's a good Get Scared supplement since that band is done. I hope the sound gets more refined in the future
  5. @NightAngel why do you forsake me with your downvote, uncle? We coulda talked it out bby
  6. Unless you think ungrateful is better than This War is Ours and Self Titled. Not really Ungrateful and Hate Me simply just sounded like Craig didn't care about the music he was making. I put IAH above ungrateful and hate me simply because Craig sounded like he actually cared
  7. ETFs last album was unironically their best since Self Titled
  8. @Summers thank you for actually putting the fucking The at the start of the post by the way, much appreciated Dead Rabbits and The Dead Rabbits are two different bands smfh
  9. Not off of This War Is Ours or Self Titled, but I agree with anything after those two
  10. I've been playing mk since I was like 4 Hot fucking take but mk11 is the best one
  11. I figured it was in the title, epic reference, underrated mk game Glad you guys get attention here, it's much deserved
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