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  1. Not here to disagree with you not liking it. But I will say it sounds nothing like PTV
  2. I'm pretty sure Johnny has said they wanna progress this sound
  3. It was announced last week, through a YouTube comment from Johnny, and no single was released
  4. really think if you like this you'd like the last one, this is a progression of that. Solid 10/10 here boys, amazing way to progress the sound of the band in every way, while also still staying true to themselves
  5. Disguise and Brand New Numb sound like something you'd hear in an old WWE video game's main menu playlist So what i mean is, 2006 alt rock you heard everywhere at the time.
  6. Odd gripe But I do disagree on swapping genders. Though I agree on genderless
  7. My Own Grave was so much better than this song, so much better. Back to blandness it is
  8. Been with them a little before their debut album, absolutely incredible band, very excited to hear what comes No idea, idk if they've announced anything, but they have a 5 track EP and 15 track album, listen to the album, since it has all the EP songs
  9. Oh man, your opinion isn't ny own, big ol yeetin ree. Red Hot Chilli Peppers is in my top 5, seen them live 6 times, no energy at all, maybe i just unlucky That being said, FiR is in top 3 worst live bands I've seen, but, at least Ariana Grande has some stage presence
  10. Almost every band uses a small bit of auto tune
  11. Can definitely do without that super heavy use of auto tune The rapping was cool, the chorus was very FiR and the screams were a nice touch
  12. Sorry that you mislabel this Dubstep elements are there maybe, but it still doesn't sound close enough to dubstep to be labeled as "dubstep choruses". Something can have elements of a genre without being so.
  13. They really don't, not sure how you're hearing any dubstep
  14. Their best Hollywood Undead impression? More like LP or Dangerkids Dubstep choruses? Clean your ears maybe?
  15. I feel the genre on this album is misleading
  16. Gotta say this is a solid 9/10 Friend knows the singer, that's how I know their music, was doing nothing but recommending them a few months ago, great band
  17. 1: Stories Untold - Forever is a Long Time 2: Stacked Like Pancakes - Strange Creatures 3: Free Throw - What's Past is Prologue
  18. This album has plenty auto tune too, maybe listen again fam
  19. Imagine thinking I Prevail didn't do these rap songs for money
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