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  1. Important I could really do without the closer though, rest is great
  2. It is pretty good Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, its lowpoints stand out way more than its high points, some of these songs bang, and the others are just unnoticeable
  3. Still not as good as anything before Upside Down, but leagues better than Upside Down
  4. It wasn't funny the first time, why continue?
  5. Oh dear, this thread. Please try and calm down
  6. It only gets better, super good release, have high hopes for this band
  7. A Hole in the Ice Pt. 2 sounds like Kurt era DGD That unexpected heavy part at the end of outline caught me off guard, super cool I'm 18, so two years older
  8. Definitely between Crystal Lake and Can't Swim for me, no question, steller releases
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