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  1. This is straight up fire and much more to come. I wonder if they have a music video for this song but regardless, this is one of their most solid tracks.
  2. No Absolution was good too but it is a stand alone single. It will not be on the album.
  3. Why is this even tagged under metalcore? Ahhh this dealing with Pain is absolute Real.
  4. I have been on a hate trip of OM&M for some time now and thought they are overrated. But all this hate inspired me to listen to this song and yes I'm very much so happy to say that I will continue to never bother listening to what this band has to put out anymore. Pure shit.
  5. If I Were You Auras Annisokay Any Given Day Breakdown of Sanity Forevermore City In The Sea Everyone Dies In Utah maybe? Feed Her To The Sharks For All Eternity Molotov Solution My Heart To Fear Phinehas Sirens & Sailors The Voynich Code Whether, I
  6. August Burns Red - Messengers August Burns Red - Found in Far Away Places Texas In July - I Am Texas In July - Bloodwork A Pyrrhic Victory - The Preceptor Crown The Empire - The Fallout Feed Her To The Sharks - Fortitude Feed Her To The Sharks - Savage Seas ERRA - Impulse ERRA - Augment ERRA - Drift Born of Osiris - Tomorrow We Die Alive Born of Osiris - Soul Sphere My Heart To Fear - Algorithm Asking Alexandria - Stand Up & Scream The Word Alive - Life Cycles I See Stars - New Demons City In The Sea - Below The Noise And many more, I am bound to miss quite a few.