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  1. Was mixed on the singles but WOW this sounds fucking amazing all together *TRACK BY TRACK BELOW* i apologize if you fell something - cool ambience MANTRA - cool way to start up the new album cycle. one of the heavier songs, goof bridge from TTS style to new diversity nihlist blues - wow that was something special....and different. if you hadn't heard any song since Sempiternal and put this on, you wouldn't know it was them. very cool and unique in the dark - bmth's twist on the modern "alt rock" style, very cool, has dope strings and they pull it off well wonderful life - depends on the listener, but probably the heaviest instrumentally. unique vocals imo, wery weird and eeiry. chorus was made to be sung until you blow your voice from the top of the empire state building ouch - another interlude, pretty cool imo, liked parts of it, but its just an interlude medicine - "iTs A pOp SoNg" lol top 3 song on the album. live verson on bbc radio really helped me appreciate the song and feel all the instruments involved that you didn't hear before sugar honey ice & tea - DING DING DING! my personal favorite. i personally think it could be the heaviest on the record. oli fuckin killed his vocals on this. riffs and instrumentals are dope af. jordan's falsetto's breath fresh air into the chorus. pre-chorus and the bridge slaps. the whole song sounds so fresh, natural, and emotional. say what you want this IS the song. granted, this is not an arena song like MANTRA or wonderful life that people will scream at the top of their lungs. however, I could 100% see this song going hard as fuck live. with some fat guitar tones, oli's signature screams, and top notch live show, this would be one banger of a start to their show why you gotta kick me when im down? - the bridge sent chills down my spine. oli just let all that divorce shit out. no fucks given fresh bruises - interlude, gives the listener a few minute break after 3 of the best songs on the record. not much to it, mostly ambience and electronics. mother tongue - least favorite, chorus a bit under-par compared to others. granted, i can't say much about this since it is a pretty personal love song to oli's new wife heavy metal - troll. good song though, another one of those different songs like nihlist blues. i dont know what to say - great buildup song. a lot of songs i hear will build up to nothing, this one does not disappoint
  2. Sputnikmusic is a shitfest of trolls no matter what genre, musician, or album
  3. I'm actually pissed off at such a heavy song like I Suffer Well. I don't see it as something to the heavy fans. It's like a strip tease. It's a minute long, it could have gone somewhere, and they just randomly slapped it into the middle of an album filled with 2018 "alt rock" (more like electronic rock/pop) songs. I don't see this new wave of "alt rock as true rock, it's really more like alternative. When I think of rock, I see it range from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Nirvana to bands nowadays like Sevendust and Chevelle. It can be softer but usually involves guitar, bass, and drums. There's more electronic beats than guitar riffs in this album. Papa Roach is an all time number one for me. THE band that got me into rock and heavier music. Crooked Teeth was the album that brought a breath of fresh air. It was energized, recaptured some older ideas (Crooked Teeth) and even fused them with newer elements but did it in a way that WORKS (Born for Greatness). Songs like Born for Greatness, involving rapping and electronics like songs on this album do, are great because it had passion. Jacoby really put some emphasis behind his rapping and the lyrics. The track was bouncy and had cool guitar work too and flowed well. Most people I know don't listen to rock, but would rap and sing along to that song even though it was still rock because they did it well. Now compare it to a song like Who Do You Trust or any other similar song on this album and.....just nothing stands out as interesting. Listen it has its few moments like in Renegade Music and Maniac has some cool screams, but its a no for me dawg. Y'all rushed this out. Take some time off, focus on writing your own songs, and get us some good music from Papa Roach.
  4. This thread summed up: My balls are the biggest. No, MY balls are the biggest. No, MY balls are the biggest, dousche. ShUt ThE fUcK uP mY bAlLs ArE bIgGeR aSk YoUr GiRlFrIeNd DiCk kys The album's good. Not on the same level as ? or 17 but i'm happy to be able to hear new music from Jahseh even after his passing. Sure, some of the songs sound unfinished or snippets, but i'm still okay with enjoying it. The dude is dead, there's not much else that can be done to make the songs better or finish them beyond what they did here. 7/10
  5. MMF need to leave Rise Records or Rise needs to drop them. Looking past the uninspired alt metal, the lyrics sound like Matty and the band are being forced into making this type of music by the label. Its not a bad album, its just average hard rock/alt metal and doesn't stand out. Would love to see them break free and see what they can do on a different label like Solid State or go independent.
  6. Thought i was listening to a new Oceans Ate Alaska single, this song fucking SLAPS. Pretty interchangeable with Escapist, not bad by any means.
  7. You're a bunch of random b-sides slapped together. Album slaps.
  8. Still waiting for a secret Metalcore EP from Posty.....we all know he wants to do one
  9. I hated this at first from the riff but it grew on me a lot and i can totally jam this. The lyrics are actually pretty interesting if you've been keeping up with whats been going on with Ivan Moody lately and his issues with substance abuse. Thought about what he was singing and it kinda made me feel bad almost about his struggle, if that makes sense to anyone.
  10. I couldn't give a fuck if they release the whole album before its released because it SLAPS boys. This is the direction FFDP should have taken if they didn't wanna get shit on all the time.
  11. YOOO that lead into Feed The Wolf from Lyra is pretty sick
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