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  1. It’s not the money I think people are referring to it’s that this is their work and you’d like to present it the way it was intended. If I spend time putting something together I don’t want to present it to people half assed thrown out there, I like build up. It also could hurt/help ticket sales pending on people’s reaction to it. It’s just shitty when you and a team work hard on something and others screw it up.
  2. Its not there on purpose. Its not suppose to come out until May 29th
  3. That would be so awesome if someone grabbed it but doubt it happens also don't really want that to happen to the band...a little to early for a leak
  4. I actually like the two newer songs off this more then anything they've done in awhile.
  5. Hope this is a single for the new album not just another one off single
  6. Ive been listening to Mest for 20 years. This recording is not the same as any of their albums except possibly the acoustic albums
  7. Its the other singer Jere. They've always had Tony sing most and Jere sings a couple. Thats simply not true as multiple people have noticed it as they did on also
  8. Yeah I saw earlier you agreed with me. Its to bad because I feel like I like the songs the sounds just so bad. I was listening to it in my car and it was hard.
  9. Lyrically reminds me of Katy Perry- Circle The Drain. I thought the song was ok, and wow she is smoking hot in that video.
  10. I like the second half more. The last song is my second favorite off the album
  11. This band...I try with each album to see what people like. I couldn't stand their set when they were opening for All Time Low. This album I actually enjoyed the sound to most of the time but do they try to write lyrics for 12 year olds who still can't cuss in front of anyone because they think they will get in trouble.
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