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  1. This band...I try with each album to see what people like. I couldn't stand their set when they were opening for All Time Low. This album I actually enjoyed the sound to most of the time but do they try to write lyrics for 12 year olds who still can't cuss in front of anyone because they think they will get in trouble.
  2. Just saw Brett Young open up for Kelsea Ballerini. I don't care for his albums but he was a real good entertainer.
  3. People are so critical of this band is unreal.
  4. This band to me is so inconsistent. Each album has a few songs I love and then find the rest total garbage.
  5. 1. State Champs- Living Proof 2. Carrie Underwood- Cry Pretty 3. Senses Fail- If There Is Light It Will Find You 4. Stand Atlantic- Skinny Dipping 5. As It Is- The Great Depression 6. Atreyu- In Our Wake 7. Blessthefall- Hard Feelings 8. The Dangerous Summer- The Dangerous Summer 9. The Story So Far- Proper Dose 10. Oh, Weatherly- Lips Like Oxygen
  6. I love this band but at times its hard to when I hear the Gravity EP and then this is the new product...reguardless thanks for the leak and to the band for new music!
  7. Is this just a song for the tour or a single for a new album?
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