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  1. Who sat around and saw this photo and said YES THATS IT! And lets add some Christmas color text to make it different.
  2. This band has really been so good from the start with some misses here and there. Lyrically I love them, and while I liked this song a lot I found it on the weaker side lyrically but super catchy.
  3. Love some of his stuff but damn how many times can we rehash the same songs in demo versions and alternate mixes. I dont understand his issue with putting out new music. I dont need different demos of So Long, Astoria anymore
  4. Glad she returned to her earlier sound
  5. I totally agree but isn't this band known to have a larger than life ego like they are the second coming christ?
  6. Wonder if this actually is someone from the band? Very odd to create an account with that name just as a fan of the band.
  7. What are you a 10 year old fan boy? Oh and I forgot other bands don’t put in effort to their releases.
  8. Wow if that artwork is a sample, mind blown. So glad they delayed the album in November to get us that said no one.
  9. This album being pushed back makes absolutely no sense. As most all big releases have artist like Luke Bryan did get pushed back some smaller bands like Pvris should have capitalized on this time. Just don’t see their sales figures changing much at all up or down.
  10. So what did this Mikey guy actually do? Also is the band the same people as the first album?
  11. All of the Cyrus family must be severely out of touch with reality.
  12. I’m against pushing the release of your album back because to me it shows your more concerned with your first week sales. Right now new albums coming out are a huge breath of fresh air when your stuck at home stir crazy. Someone like Lady Gaga in my opinion did this solely on first week sales and worried about her bottom line and being the topic of the news...with all she preaches she should be someone saying here’s some new music to ease your mind and stay positive
  13. Yeah but for a band this size for that to happen I would assume a release date needs to be announced real soon. Side note whatever happened to A Day To Remembers new album?
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