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  1. Literally everytime a Miss Fortune song gets posted everyone loses their shit and types a bunch of pixels that form text on the screen.
  2. Are you retarded or are you just retarded?
  3. Awesome! I've always wanted their discography but kept forgetting to torrent it. Rip Neil Peart. Thanks for this guys.
  4. Ok Halsey, we get it. You had a boob job but that still doesn't make your music good.
  5. Should make an option for nothing as in nothing was really that good in December.
  6. People wanted the original Stone Temple Pilots so they basically found Scott's thrown out clone and put him as the frontman. It's exactly what Journey did if you think about it.
  7. When you drop a bunch of acid and decide to paint and make sounds
  8. Smoking and stress age you quite a bit Also, bring back the solos from Misery.
  9. @erick No need to be butthurt about us complimenting your favorite trash artist.
  10. Thank you, KingdaddydomLeaks, very cool.
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