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  1. Yeah, a band releasing an album is not going to effect a whole ass movement though. Try again Pvris.
  2. Wow they couldn't meet their estimated label record cd and merch sales quota so they're just gonna keep pushing it back LOL this is so lame.
  3. I think most of the band lineup actually changed aside from Sammy
  4. The fucking butchered South Drive what were they thinking 💩
  5. I love Neck Deep, honestly always will. However this song is fuckin' terrible.
  6. Chill there, Mr. 0 rating points and just made a new account to comment on a Grant post.
  7. Never expected to see such a highly anticipated artist such as Grant grace the likes of Kingdom Leaks. Shut up.
  8. Kinda weird, with a typical pitbull spanish type beat.
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