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  1. Damn, he really do be having the city on his back tho.
  2. This dude literally ruins every drake song he's on. Can't imagine his albums are worth a listen.
  3. Don't act like you still wouldn't bang the ol' Dual Limas
  4. Def this. One of their few songs i refuse to listen to.
  5. Yeah their best work was Homeschool Valedictorian.
  6. Can we unleak this and leak The Weeknd instead
  7. This band has always been garbage, nothing new here. This might be one of the ugliest album arts i have ever fucking seen.
  8. This racial slur really put out another album essentially.
  9. Will there be a physical release? If so I'll buy it.
  10. That one guy said "they have all the evidence against Mikey". Without providing anything correlating to his statement. I haven't seen that video but if he was very obviously joking then yeah it's dark humour, but not something to really be concerned about.
  11. No, no one ever has any real evidence. They just run off of what Twitter says and assume it's true. I never got the hate for this band, they don't deserve it. Just listen to music and move on, if you don't like it move along there is no need for all of this careless drama everytime this band puts something out.
  12. You comment the same thing on every MF post, get a hobby or something lol.
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