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  1. Is nobody going to say anything about the 9 CDs? Is this going to be physically released? Probably gonna cost a ton.
  2. A good chunk of these songs were already circulating around the net.
  3. This is on par with everything that was Chasing Dreams. Leagues better than How The Story Ends. Even with all the backlash against Mikey and what he has done on the site, and other drama, this song is very enjoyable. I hope the rest of the album is along the lines of this, and maybe have a song that's all screams just to see what he can do. The single could use a bit more...creativity I guess, a good chunk of the lyrics are very predictable. 7/10.
  4. Had no idea this was over an article on the first listen, but it makes sense. Loved NF ever since Therapy. One of the greats, every album he just keeps getting better.
  5. More like fishy lips. I'm sure she's handled more meat than a Subway employee.
  6. This band makes my pp so hard i could go flop it on my drumset and it'd be a different hand to hit one drum while i play the others. The drummer of Def Leppard used to do that since he lost his arm.
  7. A lot of people who disliked Bad Vibrations will suddenly praise it now
  8. Easily on the top 10 list for worst rappers of all time.
  9. Nothing wrong with that either.
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