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  1. Pacific Daydream was way better than this, but not bad.
  2. Seems like everyone forgot about Council of the Dead tho
  3. Yessss I've been asking for this for awhile
  4. I'd love to be on staff. I'm lurking more than i have been recently and have a little more free time available for the time being. Say i was offered to be apart of the team, how much time would I be needed on average? Couple hours per day? I have fast internet where I'm stationed currently.
  5. Don't forget where you came from:
  6. Nobody referred to him as sox, he was known as Birdsex.
  7. The album cover makes him look like a baby-faced midget.
  8. Oh ok. I mean they're good, nothing fantastic or anything though lol. I mainly just listened to this album for the breakdowns.
  9. You don't really see much female screamers, and good ones at that.
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