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  1. Will this next album have 8 interludes and 3 songs? With one of the songs just being the vocalist speaking with instrumentals that don't match
  2. Pretty bad when Peppa Pig shows this band up in terms of quality.
  3. Pretty much the same as Sum 41 in terms of quality. Lots of meh, some good. 6.5/10. Not bad, not good. Also The Resistance >>>>>> any of their albums.
  4. Yo can you upload this on passtheleaks? I don't want my personal property getting a virus.
  5. Album isn't bad, not anything special. Has a few songs with the basic rock ba dum ba dum ba dum song structure that are easily forgettable, other than that it's a 6.5/10.
  6. Fucking loved this album, kinda forgot about it for a bit. Glad this got posted.
  7. Most disliked comment on KL of the year goes to...
  8. Yeah not really feeling this. I knew they would further progess in the route they were taking in their self titled but this is just boring substanceless rock to me. Maybe it'll grow on me.
  9. Y'all got anymore of those uhhhhhh....OPINIONS? 🤠
  10. Quit being pussies and leak Wage War
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