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  1. Like you didn't do the same thing.
  2. This man really used his email as his username.
  3. I liked California a good bit. I don't expect this to be any better, perhaps worse. I'll give it a listen though.
  4. The FLAC download contained the edited version of this album instead of the uncensored version.
  5. Good Nature was amazing, what? Had many memorable songs on there. You should really check it out again.
  6. Looks like the thumbnail of some porn video.
  7. I want that creativity and originality that WSTR originally had on their EP and Red, Green & Inbetween. I love WSTR, and although I like this song more than most of the stuff on their previous album, I could do without the nah nah nah's in the chorus and Sammy's rapping in the middle.
  8. Black album was big mega dookie. This however is great.
  9. With this logic you'd think every band would have been broken up if they didn't post stuff after awhile lol
  10. Nah. Posty has made things leagues above Ye and his other recent work. Also be real Daytona was a snorefest besides 2 songs.
  11. Ever since he married Kim his music went to dogshit.
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