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  1. I only listened to Celebrate for Post Malone. Travis Scott sounds like a straight up robot. Not interested in the rest of these autistic songs.
  2. Better than anything on BINGE. One of his best songs lyrically, sounds like something off of General Admission.
  3. Yeah this Famous Last Words EP...it's NOT GOOD.
  4. Weird that they combined the names of the two songs. I honestly thought when I first saw this on their FB that it was a new song.
  5. Looks like someone smeared different kinds of toothpaste on a picture and called it album art
  6. Wow i can't tell which is worse "ME!" or this shit. KL should make a poll for worst singles of the month.
  7. Album art is literal eye cancer. The actual album isn't much better.
  8. Why is this trending lol
  9. Gave you an upvote for an honest opinion since nerds on kl like to downvote comments because they got their feelings hurt. I agree it can and should be done without the additional effects. On another note, they keep releasing single after single with no album announcement. Anyone know anything about it?
  10. Saving it for the deluxe edition probably
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