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  1. Can we just turn off the comments for every post regarding this man?
  2. These female rappers always have the most autistic looking hair.
  3. Voltage, and Frequency are the next singles.
  4. Damn bro you didn't have to drop a nuke this early in the morning
  5. See, that makes more sense now. Had no idea that most of the original members had left the band. My original take was just that their vocalist had left.
  6. Even though we've barely talked, I still see your name on like 80% of every post. You're a hard worker, and I'm sure you'll help implement more amazing things on the site in time. Keep it up!
  7. Because that's what they're known as. Why change their name just because of ignorant people getting butthurt over a bottle of maple syrup or a box of rice? Or just because one drug addict got kicked out of the band?
  8. Honestly they should just keep their name 🤷‍♂️
  9. Yeah, Earthwalker is still their best album. I figured they'd never be able to top it. Album is decent enough though. Good attempt. 6/10.
  10. I have the original version of this without the fat man's screaming.
  11. Listen to their best and most memorable album: LNOTGY. It blows this out of the water.
  12. I keep seeing his name as "Bolby James" and just think of this guy:
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