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  1. I'd reccomend using an online MP3 Gain-Increaser at 8.5 Decibels to get this up to standard CD-Rip volume, if anyone finds the low volume too jarring to listen to.
  2. This is awesome so far. Holy shit, the production is insane.
  3. Saw these guys 2 days ago and can confirm they are the coolest and one of the hardest working bands in the industry right now.
  4. Yeah, that chorus made me cry the first time I heard it, but I get why people wouldn't like this. The lyricism requires a ridiculous amount of mental gymnastics to interpret, and it's fairly stripped and low production, which is a stark contrast to most of her music. But I love it, she just seems like herself on this track, like she's being honest and trying to express her feelings. Really looking forward to hearing how this plays in the context of the record.
  5. Tyler said on his Instagram story "This is the most lighthearted songs Issues have ever done [...] it kinda started as a joke, but we loved it so much we had to put it on the album.
  6. They keep getting more whiny and juvenille, but somehow catchier and catchier at the same time
  7. The tracklist here is wrong, the first track is the one with the features on my download.
  8. This is one of my favorite songs of the year already. Very poppy, but that chorus is explosive and I love how lyrically candid it is.
  9. The singles were pretty mid-tempo, weirdly dark, and boring imo. I'm hoping there are some songs on here that are just pure unadulterated energy, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. The singles we generally dissapointing to me because they sounded like they were trying too hard to be "heavy" when they already evolved past that, and it didn't work. Chunky riffs & overuse of screamed vocals were never a part of the SWS sound, even when they were still "heavy" so Leave It All Behind was kinda confusing. That being said WOW, these deep cut songs are immaculate sounding. So many hooks, and the production is so clean and they effectively use all the tools in their arsenal tastefully. Love it!
  11. Does anyone know if the official release is different than this leak?
  12. The riff is pretty much the exact same as "She's American" by The 1975. But yes, it's a bop, and probably my favorite single off the album.
  13. When you say "Their first album" do you mean Double Dare or Entertainment?
  14. I will not tolerate 'HER' slander in any capacity, that is clearly the standout track on this LP.
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