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  1. They keep getting more whiny and juvenille, but somehow catchier and catchier at the same time
  2. The tracklist here is wrong, the first track is the one with the features on my download.
  3. This is one of my favorite songs of the year already. Very poppy, but that chorus is explosive and I love how lyrically candid it is.
  4. The singles were pretty mid-tempo, weirdly dark, and boring imo. I'm hoping there are some songs on here that are just pure unadulterated energy, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. The singles we generally dissapointing to me because they sounded like they were trying too hard to be "heavy" when they already evolved past that, and it didn't work. Chunky riffs & overuse of screamed vocals were never a part of the SWS sound, even when they were still "heavy" so Leave It All Behind was kinda confusing. That being said WOW, these deep cut songs are immaculate sounding. So many hooks, and the production is so clean and they effectively use all the tools in their arsenal tastefully. Love it!
  6. Does anyone know if the official release is different than this leak?
  7. The riff is pretty much the exact same as "She's American" by The 1975. But yes, it's a bop, and probably my favorite single off the album.
  8. When you say "Their first album" do you mean Double Dare or Entertainment?
  9. I will not tolerate 'HER' slander in any capacity, that is clearly the standout track on this LP.
  10. This is probably already my AOTY. I fucking love the singles, & what I've heard of the deep cuts slap too. Angels, HER & I Don't Like Darkness are definitely already classics in their discography. I feel like this band is so intentional with everything they do-- their lyrics are oftentimes dark & repetetive, but they provide such a good commentary & satire on the state of the media, the world, and how our culture affects young people. This band is about to take over the world-- I know it.
  11. This song is actually so good, I'm in love
  12. (I absolutely loved Lifelines, not because it was anything special, but because it did what it did so well-- Made a great straight-up rock album with metalcore/emo/scene influences.) This album is different for them, and I'm not sure how to feel for a multitude of reasons. The rap influences on this annoy me a ton, because if they were gonna do this they should've drawn from modern trap & R&B to at least make it relevant, but instead they already dated it by going with the 2003 nu-metal sound. That being said here's my track breakdown-- 1. Bow Down - Super generic, not a fan of how noisey the mix is, just kinda too panicky, & the random meter shifts and electronic dubs & cuts are super jarring. But the chorus is strong so it evens out, even if it's just the lead singer of a mediocre metal band trying to flex baselessly. (2.5/5) 2. Paranoid - It's a bit empty-sounding imo, & the lyrics feel like a barrage of clichès. But I guess it's fine. (2/5) 3. Everytime You Leave - I don't get the hate this song seems to be getting. The poppy elements are great & the melodies are tight-- the mixing is still kinda awkward, but I love the sonwriting here. The feature elevates the song so much too. (4/5) 4. Rise Above It - Wow, the rap elements are really present here. Not a fan of the feature, but it's better Eric trying to rap, and Brian is amazing as always. The electronic breakdowns start to grow tedious & souless at this part of the record. (2.5/5) 5. Breaking Down - This basically "Paranoid" but better. The chorus grew on me & the screams lose the icepicky frequencies on some of the other songs which makes it all sound better. Also the electronic elements are played up to their full potential here fortunately. (3/5) 6. DOA - Good chorus, the rapping isn't insufferable here, and I love the slow burn of the instrumentals here. (3/5) 7. Gasoline - The generic metalcore track on the record, and I'm not hating it but also not loving it. The chorus is punk as fuck tho. (3/5) 8. Hurricane - I love the poppy elements being brought back here. The lyrics start to get better here too. And once again, the chorus is MASSIVE. I wish more of the album sounded like this. (4/5) 9. Let Me Be Sad - Super emotional, super relatable, once again-- I wish more of the album sounded like this. I get why people may not love the stark mix, I don't love it, but the songwriting more than makes up for it. (3.5/5) 10. Low - Bouncy, rock-focused, fast paced. Definitely a highlight of the album. It has a sense of urgency without sounding cluttered. And they actually blend the rock, pop, electronic & rap elements in a pleasing manner here instead of just focusing on two for an entire song. (4/5) 11. Goodbye - Just a piano, pad synth, & electronic drums. Still okay though. (3/5) 12. Deadweight - Here comes the riffage! The insteumentals are so damn tight, and I love how fast-paced it is, and once again, highlights what a consistant hook-writer Brian is. (4.5/5) 13. I Don't Belong Here - The acoustic closer you all knew to expect. But the production elements salvage it. But yeah, from the first chord you'll know whether you like it or not. (3.5/5) Ultimately the album is a step-down compared to Lifelines, which is a dissapointment because I was thinking given Brian's chaotic past few years he'd be able to take the lead on a truly emotional new album. But instead it just sounds like a struggle & haphazard blend of ideas. Every song is so drained of emotion & energy and there is so much emptiness in the mix, it's all so bleak and depressing. Maybe it all makes more sense in the context of lyrics, but this doesn't feel like a very lyrical album. As I listened to it I could barely pickup on the words or any coherent themes to the songs besides "I'm sad, pity me to death" & "I'm the best, fuck you" aka. every teenage girl's Twitter feed. I'd give the album a 6/10, but I'm hoping it grows on me.
  13. The official release of this album has been postponed indefinitely for some bizarre reason
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