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  1. These past two singles have been great. This album will ceetainly be polarizing, but I like how they're expanding their sound. If I don't like every song on the album, that's probably good, cause it means they're appealing to multiple demographics.
  2. I actually really love this album. Way better than their past 2 or so. Massive hooks, and top-notch production. It feels more cohesive than the last record, and doesn't feel as bloated or over-the-top as The Black did. While SUAS & TR&R are classic metalcore records, I could tell by From Death To Destiny that their heart wasn't in it anymore. The Black felt like they were chasing after a nostalgia high that was already drained, and Self-titled felt like they were getting back on their feet. This album feels like them finally knowing what they want to be, and following their instincts. It's big, catchy, emotionally grounded, and a ton of fun. I can just imagine the floors of the venues they play getting torn apart. There's just so much energy here compared to their last few records. I do hear the Halsey comparisons, but I love Halsey, sooooo... yeah, those soft grunge-pop melodies are kinda doing it for me. I also do kind of hear the Imagine Dragons comparisons, in how tight and overproduced the instrumentation is, but unlike Imagine Dragons, I actually can find a discernable emotional core in these songs, and the overproduction adds to the chaos of the emotions. I guess you can call it dad rock too because of the prominant southern boogie influence in Danny's vocals, and the hard rock riffage, but I really have no problem with that. As long as they don't start copying the faux-patriotic conservative virtue signaling of bands like FFDP, then I really don't care.
  3. This is the dumbest song ever. I love it.
  4. The songwriting is fine, but what the fuck is wrong with Ben's voice? That 2nd Verse sounds so chipmunked and processed.
  5. People like me who love the catchy hooks and classic songwriting of pop & r&b, and the aggressive style & layered instrumentation of rock and metal.
  6. This is a bit more straightforward than their last two standalone singles, bit not quite traditional All Time Low. Definitely aiming to get on the radio, but it's not mind-numbingly boring or annoying, so I'll take it.
  7. I actually really like the song, but those lyrics in the chorus made me audibly "What the Fuck". Not really a Bieber fan, but he's got some good chops here. Those vocal runs are so fun.
  8. 1. Waterparks - FANDOM 2. Chase Atlantic - Phases 3. Sleep Token - Sundowning 4. Issues - Beautiful Oblivion 5. Hot Milk - Are You Feeling Alive? 6. Sleeping With Sirens - How It Feels To Be Lost 7. Clairo - Immunity 8. Holding Absence - Holding Absence 9. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 10. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You Honorable Mentions - Motionless In White - Disguise -Ariana Grande - thank u, next -New Year's Day - Unbreakable -Grayscale - Nella Vita -Emarosa - Peach Club -Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love -blink-182 - NINE -Knocked Loose - A Different Shade Of Blue -PVRIS - Hallucinations -The Maine - You Are OK
  9. It's weird, but that's the point. If you just put all preconcieved notions aside and just FEEL you'll enjoy it. Contrary to the title, it's not as much music as it is an experience. A soundtrack. Love it though. Also, Halsey fucking rocks on this.
  10. I like this song more than everything on Bad Vibrations tbh. Love the electronic elements, and that chorus is HUGE. And the production is so tight-- I love all the vocal layers, synths, how present the bass guitar is, the chuggy riff driving in the background. That verse melody is a bit butt-rock, but not bad by any means.
  11. I'd reccomend using an online MP3 Gain-Increaser at 8.5 Decibels to get this up to standard CD-Rip volume, if anyone finds the low volume too jarring to listen to.
  12. This is awesome so far. Holy shit, the production is insane.
  13. Saw these guys 2 days ago and can confirm they are the coolest and one of the hardest working bands in the industry right now.
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