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  1. This sounds so good. I was never really into their earlier stuff...the generic breakdowncore stuff. But this is cool. Reminds me of the more recent Title Fight stuff...which is a good thing imo.
  2. Slipknot is one of those bands that are hard to cover properly. Their stuff isn't particularly difficult to play, but it's the mood and attitude that they have that's hard to recreate.
  3. Feels Good is the only one of the pre-release singles I liked. The lyrics on On Her Mind are cringeworthy. I'll listen to the full thing tomorrow but I don't have high expectations.
  4. Jesus...that chorus.
  5. Well it's good they kept the songs short and concise.
  6. After listening to this album all the way through, I fucking love it. And I also love that they don't really give a shit if you like it or not, they are doing it for them...which is what every band should do.
  7. The singer of this band has jumped on every music trend for the past 15 years now. He used to want to be deathcore BMTH, now he's trying to be recent BMTH.
  8. So good. I love this shit.
  9. single

    I wish the last Despised Icon album was as good as this.
  10. I like this...reminds me of the good alt rock from the 90s.
  11. I'm legitimately surprised that Flobots still exists.
  12. Ironic considering this band is part of the most mainstream form of heavy music.
  13. Hope this is better than their last collab. In theory, a Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album should be amazing, but it was like the Lulu album...something that should have never been made.
  14. Reup pls?