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  1. Is there any chance somebody could upload the original version of this please?
  2. This band used to have some aggression in the song writing It's all so tame.
  3. No .Flac? Thanks for the release though.
  4. Where's .flac? As always cheers for the upload.
  5. Cheers for the flac, album rules, There is No Answer is amazing.
  6. Yoooo super excited to check this out, their eps are amazing. Any chance we're going to get a .flac version? Much appreciated to everybody
  7. This thing is great, thanks for the upload.
  8. Any chance of a .flac file getting uploaded?
  9. Only a few songs in, but so far this is fantastic. Cheers for the upload
  10. Yes it's amazing, easily my AOTY, and I highly doubt anything will top it.
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