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  1. As an outsider looking in, y'all both suck.
  2. Dude obviously you just don't get real art. Its supposed to reflect how frail we can be as a society... /s
  3. Probably labeled that way cause they started off as a screamo band before their last album.
  4. You're right it did stop being a cool novelty and now it's the way this band makes money and let's them do what they want musically. Never got into them but i think they've found a good way to make money as a scene band.
  5. Pearl Jam started mumble rap. But for real this how people who don't listen to post-hardcore and metalcore feel about screaming. Future is trash though. 
  6. Oh no someone said white, I feel personally attacked, let me cry for 5 pages.
  7. Yea but Em's disses are not even slightly better. Eminem calls people names. Wow such a good dis Em you really worked hard on that...
  8. Tbf Denzel Curry and the scene he's from has always used that type of imagery and shit before there was a lil uzi or xxx.
  9. This sounds like suicideboys, ghostemane, pouya, gothboiclique all that type of shit.
  10. No, you're opinion is trash.
  11. In order to do that they would have to be witty in the first place.
  12. I mean he is one of the most elite hiphop fans out there.
  13. Like any other genre of music hip hop has always had its shit. We still have Joey Bada$$.
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