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  1. Supposedly they are actually active still and are currently writing for a new album.
  2. Anatomy Of A Ghost Gatsby's American Dream A Change Of Pace A Heartwell Ending It Dies Today Akissforjersey A Rocket To The Moon Waking Ashland Between The Trees After Midnight Project Agraceful Anadivine Brandston Reeve Oliver Dogwood Noise Ratchet Rufio Artist Vs Poet Amely Automatic Loveletter Autopilot Off Better Luck Next Time Bleach Blonde Blinded Black October Fall Broadway Bruised But Not Broken Blessed By A Broken Heart
  3. This album is really damn good and very solid! @Sasn I wish I could see you guys live sometime.
  4. Oh yes this is seriously really damn good and definitely a major step back in the right direction from Last Young Renegade.
  5. Oh man I'm beyond stoked and happy that these guys are back at it!
  6. Oh man thanks for this! I absolutely love The Suicide Machines. I didn't know that they were coming out with a new album. I've seen these guys a couple times. Once with No Doubt Original Sublime with Bradley, and Goldfinger. The second time was with The Vandals, Rancid, Nofx and Goldfinger.
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