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  1. Definitely loving this. Ice Nine Kills is one of my all time favorites by far.
  2. Yes this is a really damn good cover of a great song.
  3. This is a really soft song but, it is still really good.
  4. Can't wait for this album to drop. All of the singles have been fire!
  5. Can't wait to listen to this. Haven't listened to any of the singles.
  6. This is awesome. The She Watched The Sky Ep was pure fire!
  7. This is really damn good. I'm sorry but Hawthorne Heights is far from being a pop rock band.
  8. Haha these guys sound like a wannabe Black Veil Brides.
  9. Love Brantley Gilbert. Definitely stoked to listen to this new album.
  10. I saw these guys once on a headline tour with The Receiving End Of Sirens, So They Say and Halifax!
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