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  1. Beautiful voice. We need more dreambound artists on this site.
  2. Can we update the links to this please
  3. I think the new album sounds amazing myself. I'm a fan from their true beginnings and they have come a loooonnnngggg way.
  4. I'm absolutely in love with this album! Always been a fan from the beginning and I absolutely love the mature changes with this album.
  5. I absolutely love Emery! Seen them along time ago twice. Once with Story of the Year and My Chemical Romance and 2nd time with Anberlin, Classic Crime and Mae!
  6. Another band that I wished would have lasted longer too was A Heartwell Ending
  7. Um something definitely isn't working right... I keep getting a 404 error message.
  8. This shit is absolutely fucking perfect and delicious
  9. Too Close To Touch is absolutely amazing!!! They are amazing even live. I have seen them live 3 times so far. Absolutely love these guys and the vocalist Keenan is so friendly and down to earth. One of the most awesome and genuinest people you could ever meet.