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  1. This is pretty damn solid. Don't sleep on these guys.
  2. This reminds me more of a vocal combination of Tyler Carter and Chase Atlantic singer.
  3. Thanks for this! Been looking forward to their new album.
  4. Theres a little flag button up at the top to report broken links
  5. This is actually pretty decent. I do not get the hate for this at all.
  6. I agree with Showbread also check out Haste The Day, Dogwood, Craig's Brother
  7. This is actually pretty good! I will definitely check out the rest of the album.
  8. This is such a really good album! Can't wait for their new stuff.
  9. This is really good and definitely very underrated big time!
  10. Love The Dirty Youth! It would be awesome to have their whole discography on here.
  11. This isn't how you report for a re-up. You have to push that little flag up top and report broken link that way.
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