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  1. This band is actually really good! They also have a total of 9 singles out there.
  2. I'm loving all of these singles that they have come out with. Definitely looking forward to the new album.
  3. These guys are awesome! Also awesome dudes in person! They need all of the love and support as they can get. Don't sleep on this!
  4. This is really damn good! I watched the premiere for this as it originally aired on YouTube. The boys are definitely back!!!
  5. This is actually pretty good! I'm a fan of these guys stuff whether it be covers or original material.
  6. They are added now. Go to the oldies forum and you will find them there.
  7. That's a definite yes from me on the older volumes getting added on here.
  8. We should totally have a Before Their Eyes discography on here! That would be awesome!
  9. These guys are a new Invogue Records signing.
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