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  1. These guys are so damn good! They have 2 EPs out as well. Need to check those out.
  2. Modern Day Escape - Worst Kind Of Curse out on Oct. 10th!
  3. Yes they played it safe for the majority of the song but at the end, they did add some screams in it and there are absolutely no screaming at all in the original. But all in all I agree with most, this is a pretty good cover.
  4. I'd highly suggest checking out the new ep called Sleepless by Awake. It was just uploaded on here. They are a local San Diego band and are very good.
  5. This is actually really good! Some good straight post Hardcore fire!
  6. This is seriously really damn good guys. Do not sleep on this!
  7. He may be a rat but he is making millions so who cares
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