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  1. first half is okay, after that...yeah thats enough slipknot for me
  2. this is unironically better than any track from alien
  3. if you remove like half of the tracks it could pass as a decent 7\10 ep, rift was clearly a waste of time marcus deserves a better band
  4. not sure if its even worth listening to after eclipse
  5. no name isnt on album for some reason this release is stellar, no other modern rapper comes close
  6. so many funny jokes in this thread
  7. how the fuck is this not trending here
  8. imagine thinking that wage war were anything more than generic at any point
  9. another one long breakdown with girl trying to sing and basic keys in background?
  10. decent follow-up to graveyard shift but definitely not the "best of miw" like chris said track number 9 may be deleted though
  11. this guy is really fucking insane in a good way
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