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  1. is this different? yes is this good? don't think so
  2. this is embarrassing, last album was so good now its a female nickelback
  3. hm maybe i should listen to their other albums good to know, love you too my dude even though im not sure what kl rule exactly i violated by my previous comment @BRDSXyou are very boring person stop following me
  4. a fine pop-punk release, much better than that life is strange ost called mygay parade
  5. i was hoping it would be less poppy
  6. ye me too just to make sure this is crap
  7. this shit made me relisten to last 3 albums
  8. i didn't believe in their comeback, but i do now
  9. chorus is on point as always, hyped for new album
  10. this is painful to listen to and im not talking about rip quality