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  1. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)

    damn this shit went on repeat, gotta check out last album and ep
  2. Parkway Drive - The Void (Single) (2018)

    Redneck metal
  3. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)

    gonna give it a go wanna kms now, solid album
  4. Three Days Grace - Outsider (2018)

    worst album by far 3rd and 6th tracks are absolute trash
  5. Secrets - Secrets (2018)

    this is so meh
  6. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    how do you know, i feel like they will never top this, i hope im wrong
  7. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    some of them yes, fuck them am i right?
  8. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    how could ppl compare this to dgd or emarosa with craig, he was nowhere near as good as he right now
  9. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

  10. Wage War - Johnny Cash (Stripped) [Single] (2018)

    i expected acoustic version of this song, so good
  11. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    one song band (take me away)
  12. Rivals - Damned Soul (2018)

    should be aight
  13. Slaves - I Know a Lot of Artists [Single] (2018)

    i almost got a heartattack thinking this was an album