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  1. despite poor production its pretty allright
  2. idk why here on kl even good female fronted bands being looked over
  3. new track even, im totally okay with this
  4. sounds so bad, electronics especially
  5. @SavageWraithatleast you are smart enough to realise i wasn't serious unlike other 27 not the brightest users too soon
  6. this is how next memphis may fire album will sound like
  7. half of the album is top notch(especially doomsday and hereafter), rest is just decent, loved how they used symphonic elements this time aoghau is and forever will be the best architects album thats for sure
  8. better than architects\silent planet but not as good as Escape the Fate tbh
  9. i just wanna know why he never use lows
  10. it might be allright, no preview clips in post?
  11. people still freaking out over this band
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