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  1. not bad but fit for a king is better
  2. great b-side collection, my favourite sleeping pill 2020
  3. what a waste of potential, you think riot would have the balls to do atleast a pop-punk song but no its fine, you'll win your silver 2 promos next time p.s. funny post-hardcore tag btw
  4. you have anime pic as avatar so your opinion is garbage by default Honestly i would be fine with them doing just EP, 1 and 10 tracks are kinda useless, 3 and 8 are forgettable aswell
  5. my nipples became hard when i heard bell in annihilation
  6. that was worst feat in the history of feats, maybe ever
  7. thanks dude couldn't care any less video out btw
  8. oh no fuck these mediocore covers on mediocore artists
  9. 9 tracks of this grandpa hardcore was too much
  10. i was about to flush this album on track 3 but boy it picked up after that and until the end
  11. what a comeback, now if only Now and on earth came back from the dead aswell
  12. When Everything Means Nothing but much worse
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