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  1. they are for sure solid but i cant remember a single track after listening to their albums
  2. bass boosted electro crap from overhyped game with dumb game mechanics
  3. its kinda hard to find positives in here but hey atleast its better than code orange
  4. more noise and random sounds to pretend to be unique
  5. is this new erra album?
  6. i heard this album like 5 years ago and btw there is actually new 2020 one
  7. even though it so poppy atleast they are good at it
  8. they are just blueballing us with album at this point
  9. i wanna play call of duty to this
  10. bland as fuck, telle is not good enough to carry this, 3 decent tracks max
  11. what tracks jamie doing cleans in besides masochist? vagabond has a weird uplifting chorus, not a fan
  12. masochist is unbeatable as expected but the rest is very good aswell, not sure if better than mortal coil though
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