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  1. apart from terrible bandname they are not that bad
  2. Kingdom Come is such a shitty opener, not like rest of the album is much better but still nothing close to that dope song where crazy woman dancing in the soap
  3. i got the a7x feeling too, this is why its a big no-no for me
  4. im not into black much but i have to admit this have some interesting moments
  5. last album was actually good but this is meh
  6. that preview song is so soothing, gotta listen to this atleast 1 time
  7. Deer In the Headlights is a giga-banger
  8. sweet, some tracks are synth-pop almost
  9. i kinda feel they are starting to repeat themselves (like beartooth)
  10. such a unique album, worth the hype i guess vocalist is actually a beast, after Merry Axe-Mas i wanted to check who is that animal doing the deathcore part horror movie fans gonna jizz all over this, but im not one of them
  11. vocalist sounds like he is struggling a bit