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  1. okay this is what you call remaster, now i can actually appreciate it
  2. too much filler bullshit, why these pop artists pretend to be next level thing, just release 10 decent tracks and be done with it lmao @Jacksonread first 4 words again i guess what else to tell you
  3. l o l ! weren't masses supposed to vote for AILD comeback?
  4. one of the most cringe inducing bands, up there with attila and emmure
  5. yep this is adtr allright, album will be great as always, i dont think they even need to use electronics to sound "fresh"
  6. bro just let us blacklist rap\hip-hop from main feed, it will save so much time there are singles showing again?
  7. ofcourse it is, what made you think it could be anything else than that?
  8. title track is huge, other than that nothing special, just solid mhc
  9. not a fan of hot diarrhea vocals but overall it okayish
  10. why put all people in artist tag
  11. this is sounding so good, they put alot of effort
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