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  1. Lived up to my expectations! I think The Collective is still my favorite, but this is their best album production-wise imo =]
  2. Something to hold me over until For The Win perhaps? =]
  3. Wasn't super into this band 5 years ago, but definitely going to give it a shot at least
  4. Yessssssssss! =] So many guests - damn!
  5. Can't wait to listen!! =]
  6. I can see why - really solid melodic hardcore
  7. Agree - considering the genre I'm surprised it didn't get more attention. I thought it was better than a lot of other bands that sound similar
  8. I got a really strong BTBAM vibe (specifically "Coma Ecliptic" era BTBAM) which is great imo. Would've liked some heavier vocals too but the cleans are solid. =]
  9. I'm pretty sure this is my AOTM already haha - soooo awesome!! The only thing I don't really like is their band name =p
  10. Damn!! Hope I agree with you! I enjoyed Calloused but not as much as Milestone - based off "Cursed" I figured this would be different but still decent
  11. Still enjoying the singles, definitely ready for this to leak =]
  12. Sold! Haha Is it better than Scale the Summit?
  13. Sweet! Set course for Andromeda was sick, Senpai 1 was alright - not sure what to expect but I'll probably like it =]
  14. Awesome pizza! Just wish it was longer - one of my favorite albums from last month
  15. This was really great - some angry pizza, my favorite kind =]