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  1. I just saw on the song's youtube comments someone said they tweeted the band about it and they replied that it was intentional - what a weird choice... Great album anyways though!!
  2. Does anyone know if this is just how it is? It still feels so strange to me every time the song ends
  3. Sweet. I only heard the single with all cleans and was worried they were going in a different direction - sounds like it's gonna be more balanced, but as long as it's still angry I'm sure it'll be great =]
  4. KL, you're too good to me and 320 too?? I'm feeling spoiled after this last week of amazing releases =]
  5. This can't come soon enough - definitely my most anticipated album this month!!
  6. So stoked to listen to this!! I thought Calendar Days and Indecisive were going to be on this - I guess I'll tack them on the end so they get played more often =]
  7. Counterparts for me, followed closely by Seaway and Novelists! Protosequence was my EP of the month =] October is difficult to choose already between ABR and TBDM, plus I'm pretty certain VOM, STYG, and Knucklepuck are all going to kill it... what a time to be alive =p
  8. It had been so long since Genesis I thought they might've broken up - excited to check this out!!
  9. Finally! Been so stoked to hear this!! =] This album and For The Win are my most anticipated albums this month - after that Seaway and Counterparts
  10. Oceans Ate Alaska Rings of Saturn Polyphia Make Them Suffer Northern Ghost So It Begins was my favorite not listed (just an EP tho), no pop-punk AOTM for me
  11. Checked almost all of these out and mostly agree! Thanks again for commenting on all the good stuff! =]
  12. sweeeeet - stoked to check this out asap!
  13. For me it was a tie between Grayscale's "Adornment" and "Aqua Vitae" by The Voynich Code (both potential AOTYs for me)
  14. I wasn't really a fan of this vocalist growing up, but he must have grown on me because I enjoyed this a lot =]
  15. really good, reminds me of Grayscale =]