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  1. @Edgekrvzher I talked with Lee about it when I saw them live in July - he said it’s written, but there was a disagreement with Sumerian about when to release it so it might not come out until next year
  2. Checked this out based on their name and I was not disappointed haha =]
  3. Napolean isn't getting enough love, but along with Architects and Silent Planet those were easily my top 3 for the month. Soooo good!! =]
  4. Most anticipated album of the fall for me!!
  5. I've been so stoked for this! I hope they continue to get more exposure! =]
  6. I've been so stoked for this and Like Pacific - July has easily been my favorite month of the year so far!! =]
  7. So awesome!! Overall my favorites from both Automata are House Organ, Blot, The Proverbial Bellow, and The Grid =]
  8. I'm really glad they're still making new music - they've been around so long I was worried they might be done after their last album =]
  9. August Burns Red Counterparts Veil of Maya Currents Greyscale Homebound (my nomination for most overlooked album of the year) Seaway Artificial Language For The Win Strawberry Girls Enough good albums for multiple years - my favorites playlist on my phone has 1400+ songs on it!
  10. Had a lot of catching up to do from last month, but after checking out most of them I agree with the top 5. Phineas was the biggest surprise, but LMTF and Polaris were my favorites =]
  11. 100% Agree. Writing for vocals in mind made the song structures more traditional, whereas instrumentally there's a lot more room to shine with riffs and solos. Personally I prefer Intervals as an instrumental band, but both are awesome. =] Last time I saw them live they performed Shape of Colour from start to finish - I'm hoping when I see them in February they perform this new album in its entirety!
  12. I just saw on the song's youtube comments someone said they tweeted the band about it and they replied that it was intentional - what a weird choice... Great album anyways though!!
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