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  1. How do they do this? Each song they have released is a fucking banger!
  2. I almost missed this due to such many leaks today. Love the track.
  3. Not bad. Would love to hear more from these guys.
  4. Nice. In the middle it gets so nasty
  5. Lol, been listening to them at the moment these singles being published) Nice tracks! Hope they release a LP anytime soon.
  6. Not bad, definitely will check out the upcoming album.
  7. Unexpected leak, was sure to see it on #LeakDayThursday Thanks a lot!
  8. Finally! Been checking the KL since the start of the LeakyDay. Thank you!!!
  9. Nice song! The Download link leads to the post page, please fix it.
  10. Thanks. These guys never disappoint!
  11. The most anticipating release of the spring. So good!
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