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  1. Unexpected leak, was sure to see it on #LeakDayThursday Thanks a lot!
  2. Finally! Been checking the KL since the start of the LeakyDay. Thank you!!!
  3. Nice song! The Download link leads to the post page, please fix it.
  4. Thanks. These guys never disappoint!
  5. The most anticipating release of the spring. So good!
  6. This is unexpected. Glad to have something new from these guys. Thanks.
  7. Thanks! Definitely look forward to checking their LP out.
  8. Wow, really unexpected release. Thanks!!! Love the 2015 - Make Your Move EP
  9. Some Novelists' vibes here and i like it. thanks.
  10. So good... Glad to see them back. Hope they have a new album coming soon)
  11. Damn it's good! I like dark vibes in the song. been listening to it for two days on repeat.
  12. Good song, I like it but not as much as previous singles. Anyway waiting for the new album.
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