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  1. Awesome thanks! Any chance of their album Sun Coming Down?
  2. Thanks so much for this...but track 8 Filigree is faulty. I tried it from both links and it is cut short, the file here is only 1:14 and the track ends abruptly in the middle. The track should be 3:37 Is there any chance to get this re upped with Filigree in full? Would be much appreciated!
  3. Awesome, thanks. Anyone heard The Murder Capital? Another good new band from Dublin
  4. Absolute legend, thanks so much!
  5. Ace album, so chuffed this came so early, was great Xmas present. Thanks!
  6. Really? They're not working for me... Zippyshare link comes up with: "File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server" and Solidfiles says: "This file/folder could not be found."
  7. Any chance of a re-up? Pretty please
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