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  1. This is top tier Indie Pop and fuck is it pretty.
  2. Better than anything of Mesmer, or Node. Hell even Singularity if the big songs of Singularity weren't as catchy as they are. Also this might be better than Talking Heads but I'll wait for the release of that. Oh and if you call this some Linkin Park, Korn, or whatever Nu-Ripoff you should match your text colour to the background colour.
  3. Best one so far with Like A Shadow but the production is just whack
  4. Don't care about them doing Pop but at least let it be good, memorable stuff and not your average tune that one wouldn't mind skipping but also doesn't intentionally put on
  5. This album is a grower, and a very good one too. 'Be My Mistake' is already in my top 5 songs of theirs, it's so so good. I'm just sad about 'How To Draw / Petrichor' as I love the first half but tend to skip the second. Overall a very sweet album, way more depth than their previous one, but it doesn't beat their debut for me. I'm happy.
  6. I don't mind slow as I adore 'Antichrist' and sorts, but I feel like they tried to serve the fans with the singles and then did what they actually wanted to do with the rest of the songs. Which might've not resulted in the most coherent album (which also was never a strength of theirs but still). I'm only on 'Be My Mistake' though, but that's my fear going into this right now.
  7. Now I'm honestly scared going into this. Absolutely loving 'Love It If We Made It' and was hoping for more tunes like that. But 'Sincerity is Scary' was also very cute. What is this album even then.
  8. this is real good. Reaper was his worst work and he knows it, showed he wants to go back to his OG style and this is peak n,n all over.
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