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  1. Still hoping. The Ep's title ends with a comma so that's something to hold on to. Also agree with @TylerDurden about Kiss Land. He had a good idea in mind with it but didn't execute it properly. This one's better execute but damn is the sound lacking any depth. Let's hope for the next one, eh?
  2. I can only agree with that. This album lacks any identity whatsoever, I don't get why it gets praised. Every release so far carried a certain vibe with it (except BBTM maybe), but this now is like a.. bland compilation. Yeah the production is suuuuper clean, but Abel doesn't work on suuuuper clean production. He just doesn't. Dark, moody, gritty. That's where he shines the most, thus Trilogy and Kiss Land still being his best imo. Starboy had neat cuts besides the forgettable trash. So does this. But man is it sad.
  3. I do enjoy the coherent sound design compared to Starboy, and there definitely are bangers on this, but I prefer Abel on darker and moodier beats (Trilogy, Kissland).
  4. Disappointing so far, hope it grows on me
  5. Good on your for trying, some things are just better kept private though
  6. It has a few really good songs, as with every BBC album, but overall this falls short. "Eat, Sleep, Wake", "People People", "Do You Feel Loved", and "Let You Go" are my favourites, rest can't hold up sadly.
  7. This is great throughout. I am missing some somber songs but they have plenty material to get back to so it's not much of a problem. This is what Daisy is for Brand New.
  8. This is such a shit album I'm beyond words. 1989 was great and reputation had its hits but holy FUCK is this GARBAGE. Don't go and waste one hour listening to this shit, just listen to False Gods and move on.
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