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  1. oh nice. One of my fave alt country artists, Faye Webster, is opening for him on his tour for this album so I've been meaning to get into Andy Shauf so I don't end up just going for the opener lol.
  2. hyped for this. I'm sure it's nothing like their old stuff but should be good on it's own.
  3. Dylan Brady and Gus from Kero Kero Bonito are 2 producers not including whats self-produced on the album so it'll probably be really high in my year end list imo.
  4. Good to see a member of Dots still being active. Shame they never got to get off the ground really before disbanding. they had some real potential imo.
  5. well this came outta nowhere for me. saw them live just a month ago and they were amazing. excited to dive right into these jam sandwiches
  6. oh nice. glad this is up here. It's from a local record label so I wanted to know if i should cop the vinyl for this.
  7. oh hell yeah! Was hyped since it was releasing on my birthday but i guess i'll spoil myself early hehe
  8. I'm not a huge Korn fan at all but for some reason this album is really hittin' right now at 2:00 AM in the morning.
  9. really good album here. hope its legit. kinda blows we got the full thing before any news or hype though.
  10. surprised this isn't trending. Really looking forward to this one
  11. one of my fave songs this year. hope the full album holds up
  12. Man this project is amazing. Wish more people knew about these guys since this is really fucking good. They do have a Knuckle Puck co-sign at least so in due time they'll get more popular as long as they keep making this kind of music. Excited to see how much this band grows.
  13. Man this album is pretty great. A little long for my taste especially since it never really switches up much and does seem pretty generic but it's not bad at all.
  14. Damn I'm hyped for this new album now. this track is great
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