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  1. If it weren't for the recent video of Greg surfacing I'd be jamming the fuck out of this right now. But I'm good on a rapist, maybe if they get a new vocalist but at that point they might as well just change the name too.
  2. They're already on YouTube. They're just the songs he did while self isolating. Y2mate or y2mp3
  3. They're already available. They're just most of the songs he did for his quarantine sessions and Smoke and Drive was renamed Roll the Windows Up. Just use a 320 YouTube ripper and an app to edit the tags and album art to add them to the album. That's what I did, as well as changing the art to the original art before it got changed.
  4. Why is the single they're using to promote the deluxe edition a song already on the standard edition...
  5. I loved the movie so much. The prison scene when Lamb of God plays is my favorite part. "You want some Bill and Ted, punk?" 😂
  6. The remasters sound beautiful. And hearing people bitch that they re-recorded four songs from it is getting kinda old. We still have the original recordings to listen to, now remastered too.
  7. That used to be my theory until Dead Rabbitts became trash too. Most of that last EP was pure cringe. 24/7 was awful, Dead By Daylight's lyrics were super cringe, "So long not nice to know ya," for example, and Gutter was just 🤮
  8. There's a bonus track on physical copies called "Chasing Shadows." Wonder when that'll surface.
  9. If you didn't already know, the drummer is Moose, formerly of BFMV.
  10. I can physically feel how hard this slaps.
  11. I thought I flushed earlier but apparently not
  12. There's a full version up now. I'd download it with a converter before it gets taken down lol I don't know why it posted both videos lol but the top one is the full one
  13. This is the most footage I've found on YouTube. They started recording halfway through Beautiful Remains. I'm hoping someone uploads the whole thing soon.
  14. You're the one that brought the argument back up 😂 And no, that's not how ownership or contracts work. You clearly know absolutely nothing about anything you're talking about. Why you even bothered to put your two cents in is beyond me. But it's nice to see stating facts makes you go off on a whole essay of a rant 👍
  15. Also only one blinded by nostalgia is you because you're sucking the original album's dick so much. Again, the original had shitty production and you're really trying to say this one has worse production? 😂 Clean your ears man. It's one thing to say, "I like the original better because I enjoy the raw sound more" or "because the original recording has a special place in my heart." Those are respectable reasons. Making claims that are way out there like saying the production sucks when the original had MUCH worse production is just ridiculous.
  16. Ash owned (and still does) 50% of the band. Andy is currently in legal battle to obtain full ownership of the band. Notice how as soon as they were able to change record labels and kick him, they did. They contractually couldn't before. This is why you do your homework before opening your mouth.
  17. Fuck I just found this. We all need to be thankful Andy didn't call it quits, Vale really was almost the last BVB record and it's all because he wanted to get away from Ash. Fuck Ash. Welcome Lonny.
  18. Next album they should have you step in as producer since you clearly know what you're talking about 😂
  19. Constructive criticism has to be valid to be constructive criticism. You're trying to pick at the quality of this like the original had better quality? That's constructive how? Yes, you're reaching. Not to mention even when not compared to the original this has beautiful quality. Yeah man, I'm so sure you're such an expert on production 🙄
  20. Fuck after fully listening to this I'm blown away. This is so much more satisfying than Vale. I love the part after the breakdown in Knives and Pens that sounds djenty. Heaven's Calling, the title track, Beautiful Remains, Knives and Pens, and Perfect Weapon are my absolute favorites here. I hope making this puts them in a heavy mood and that the next album slaps like this.
  21. My It's just supposed to sound better, which it does. I knew people were gonna reach for wild statements like that because they're blinded by nostalgia the second they announced this two years ago. You're pathetically predictable.
  22. Chains of Agony and Extermination are for sure my favorite tracks on here. Living For the Weekend though I just can't do.
  23. Happy to finally have art and a release date for the album. How fitting that it comes out on the same day as Bill and Ted Face the Music.
  24. No I called you a fanboy because you're really reaching to defend him from people who are absolutely right. This DOES give off huge cocky Ronnie Radke vibes. And it's not a joke song. Tenacious D and Psychostick have joke songs. There's zero humor to this. Just cockiness. Whether it's satirical cockiness or not, it's both not a joke song, and just plain not good.
  25. That's the most fanboyish shit I've seen in a fat minute. Regardless of whether it's serious or not, it still has to be good to be enjoyable. There's a reason people love Tenacious D even though they're not serious. They're still good.
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