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  1. The second leak from CJ. Seriously though, killer album. I definitely prefer the older stuff with Tom but this shit is still sick. Curious as to who they'll get as their vocalist now. It'd be ironically funny if it was Alex Kohler.
  2. You realize that's not how it works right 😂 They can't have CJ or anybody contractually sign away royalties for his work he's hired to do. That's like if you went into work and didn't get paid. What you are suggesting they could do is literally illegal. CJ could sue the fuck out of the record label.
  3. What exactly makes you think that? Regardless of whether they want to or not, they LEGALLY have to pay him his royalties for his work on this album.
  4. They could have put out a song that's actually good. Instead they made a shitty song shittier.
  5. It built up to a guitar solo. It's not a metalcore song, why would you expect a breakdown?
  6. Ten times better than most of Vale. Most of that album grew on me when you accept it's a rock opera but I want this sound from them. I wonder if these are bonus tracks for the WSTW re-recording. I also wonder if Ash is on these or if it's a new bassist or fill in. Umm...but the self titled was a hell of a lot heavier than Wretched and Divine. Shattered God, Faithless, Stolen Omen, etc.
  7. "I can't admit I'm wrong so I jump to dramatic assumptions about someone I've never met." Sounds like retarded and egotistical keyboard warrior talk but okay boomer.
  8. Yeah no, not how it went down. He told her multiple times no and she kept on about it until he finally gave in, and on top of that she lied about her age. Get your facts straight.
  9. I just have to point out how hilarious it is that you went out of your way to downvote my comment just because I pointed out something obvious and undeniable 😂 Okay carry on.
  10. They're really ripping off the cover art for the last Attila album after Frankie got all pissy after Callout 2 😂😂😂
  11. We definitely need the bonus tracks I'm dying to hear them.
  12. Careful, people with anime profile pics will get offended 😂 Never fails.
  13. Of course someone with an anime profile pic would get their poor wittle feewings hurt
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