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  1. "I can't admit I'm wrong so I jump to dramatic assumptions about someone I've never met." Sounds like retarded and egotistical keyboard warrior talk but okay boomer.
  2. Yeah no, not how it went down. He told her multiple times no and she kept on about it until he finally gave in, and on top of that she lied about her age. Get your facts straight.
  3. I just have to point out how hilarious it is that you went out of your way to downvote my comment just because I pointed out something obvious and undeniable 😂 Okay carry on.
  4. They're really ripping off the cover art for the last Attila album after Frankie got all pissy after Callout 2 😂😂😂
  5. We definitely need the bonus tracks I'm dying to hear them.
  6. Careful, people with anime profile pics will get offended 😂 Never fails.
  7. Of course someone with an anime profile pic would get their poor wittle feewings hurt
  8. Since when can jokes not be based off personal opinion? You seriously need to pull the stick out of your ass. I'm a guy you don't know and will never meet, the fact you care that much about my opinion is sad. Like, you literally dug up a three month old comment you're so mad 😂
  9. If you can't take a joke I suggest crying into your anime bodypillow
  10. After a few listens it's still really hard to tell if I like this or Defy better. But this is definitely a sick album. Mushroom Cloud, Gravedancer, How to Survive, and Linger are definitely my favorite tracks on it.
  11. When 2019 was on a streak of great metal albums but then BabyMetal butts in
  12. Not a bad album but definitely a disappointing album. I miss the older heavier Opeth, even Sorceress was heavier than this. But nonetheless it's still a beautiful album that's a nice listen when you need something chill.
  13. Fucking amazing album. It's hard to tell if I like this album more than Awakened though, I guess I'll just have to wait for the new to wear off to make a proper judgment. The Wreckage is absolutely beautiful. Gatekeeper is sick as fuck. I don't think there's a bad song on the album, and Tim definitely had plenty to say. I like the lyric, "The past I can't fix is all you'll ever know," because of all the people constantly bitching about people supporting the band after what he did when they don't know him personally, while his family and bandmates who actually do know him personally were able to forgive him. I think I'll trust their judgment more than some petty shit talkers.
  14. I've been waiting for a new SA album for so long. These last two singles have been better than the last TDG album by far. There's a few songs on it I liked, like Infra Red was pretty good. But it was nowhere near the level of Human, and especially nowhere near the level anything Adam did with them or SA's first album.
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