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  1. Glad they're keeping it heavy. I enjoy Aaron's unclean vocals just as much as his cleans.
  2. I was really hoping there'd be at least one good song. I should've known better. I thought all the singles were bad, but god at least Mantra and A Wonderful Life had a little riffage. This is just a straight up pop album. I'd rather listen to That's the Spirit and I hated that album too. Aside from True Friends. That was the last BMTH song I can say I enjoyed.
  3. Alright gang, let's see who it really is. Just as I suspected, grabage.
  4. Not a bad song but they're definitely better at death metal and deathcore.
  5. At quick glance I thought this said The Jonah Hill Project
  6. One Without the Other and Cycles of Tragedy are fucking sick. Love the album, but it's really short. It should've been classified as an EP.
  7. Awful. The worse single of the three so far. A Wonderful Life was almost the most decent song from them in a long time, had some nice riffs. But the vocals are too awful and Oli tried way too hard to rhyme words that just don't rhyme.
  8. This is the only song Chester is on but this will be Mark's whole solo (with help) album. This is the second single, the first one has Alissa from Arch Enemy.
  9. This band is like aids. Even after they broke up they just don't go away.
  10. Wow I was hyped for some possible new or unreleased songs but instead it's just a bunch of live songs. They couldn't have just released it as a live album?
  11. Goddamn I'm in love! I really hope the title track will be on the new album. It's closing in on the time span they gave us when Slow Death came out. They said they wanted to take their time with the new album.
  12. Finally, some new rap music that isn't garbage.
  13. This is a troll post right? Because if not, you're fucking retarded.
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