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  1. I'm not the one that calls someone entitled for wanting a song when we're all on here for literally that exact reason. Take the L dumbass.
  2. Entitlement? More like logic. They teased a song and got fans excited for it. No shit fans are gonna want it. It obviously exists, why not just upload it to YouTube, takes like a minute. Just because fans want a song that was teased to them, doesn't make it entitlement. We're all here for early music so by your logic you're feeling entitled too, dipshit.
  3. All of AA sounds the same? BAHAHAHAHA! I hope you're fucking joking. Listen to their their early stuff, then From Death to Destiny, then the self titled . Holy shit that's some joke there buddy.
  4. Fans: Can we get that unreleased "I am the enemy push the dust aside" song? AA: Here's some acoustic songs and a dubstep collab. I like the acoustic songs, and I don't like dubstep but I'm not gonna complain about this existing, but why's it so hard to release something that already exists? Even if they don't wanna do that kind of music anymore, there's still no reason you can't give fans a song that's already recorded , even if it's a demo.
  5. Great album. This was a perfect smoke session soundtrack.
  6. Wonder if they're doing a stripped EP, kinda wondering the same about AA as well.
  7. Nah dude fuck that. Absolutely nothing wrong with doing some acoustic music, a lot of bands do. Hell I'm starting to think they're doing an acoustic EP or something. And that's 100% okay. And Danny's not holding a gun to their heads. If they didn't wanna do it they wouldn't do it.
  8. This is much better than I expected. I knew Tom had the talent because of Lorna Shore, but the three singles were so generic. But the rest of this is sick af. Just saw them on Warped too and they killed it. Although I still feel like the name should be changed, and I still miss Alex.
  9. The Poison was metalcore, Scream Aim Fire was more thrash, but had a good portion of metalcore, Fever had literally no metalcore on it. It had thrash songs but was definitely when they got "poppier." Temper Temper was hard rock, Venom was definitely a straight up thrash album, only had one metalcore song. And now this is alternative metal and rock, even has two metalcore songs on it. So yeah, they've changed up on every album.
  10. My point went completely over your head. The point is whether the metalcore/thrash style or JKJ era style was better or not, changing their style is nothing new to them. In fact every BFMV album is different.
  11. After a few listens I love this album. People who hate the change have obviously never heard their shit when they were called Jeff Killed John, they sounded much different then than when they started going by BFMV. My ranking of the songs best to worst is 1. Don't Need You 2. Crawling 3. Over It 4. Coma (god this song is beautiful) 5. Under Again 6. Piece of Me 7. Leap of Faith 8. Breathe Underwater (I love acoustic music and this shit pulls tears) 9. Not Dead Yet 10. Letting You Go 11. Gravity 12. Breaking Out 13. The Very Last Time (only song on it that I still wanna skip)
  12. "ThEy WeNt BmTh" they really didn't though. It's different but nowhere near the change BMTH went through. They went from metalcore to pop rock. BFMV went from thrash metal/metalcore to alternative metal/rock and still even have a metalcore song on the album. Stop comparing every band that changes to BMTH.
  13. Um, Over it wasn't re-recorded. Don't Need You supposedly was but it doesn't really sound any different.
  14. Just Like You and Coming Home were badass. Why they gotta go back to being a joke.