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  1. It's crazy that the band that started out being AA wannabes are now better and heavier than AA.
  2. Dmotionless570 and Dorbuscus are fucking salty as hell and it's hilarious 😂😂😂 Fanboys are cancer
  3. It came with the VIP package l bought when I saw them. But there's a difference between "doing something different" and just selling out. From Death to Destiny was something different. It was more mature but still heavy, and even had some radio friendly songs, but even those songs weren't cringy. This is just cringy edgy pop rock. Imagine thinking this is better than Toxic, Manipulate, Bad Habits, Villain, or really ANYTHING off of the new Attila album 😂
  4. Why am I not surprised that it's lame. Anybody wanna buy my autographed AA poster because I'm so done.
  5. A lot of people complaining over a band that isn't supposed to be taken seriously lol if you actually watch the video it's a lot funnier
  6. Not a bad song but definitely not really anything too special. At least it's not a blatant Architects ripoff. I hope the rest of the album is better because these two singles are nothing compared to Blueprints and Deadweight.
  7. On today's episode of 'Albums That Will Be On Repeat For a Month' 😂 Seriously though, this album kills. The solos in it are amazing and it's brutal as shit. Blood Diamond is probably my favorite song on it. It's hard to decide whether I like this album or Psychosadistic Design more. I guess the only way to truly know is to listen to them both non stop.
  8. I don't believe this for the simple fact that it's called "Chode," Maynard's definitely fucking with us.
  9. Damn this shit is HEAVY. Had the chance to see them a little over a year ago with David before he was officially announced as the new vocalist and he's sick live. Definitely a good choice to take CJ's spot.
  10. I'm so excited for this album because it seems they get better with each release (obviously not including the awful dubstep collab one 😂) and because with the death of Jonathan's wife while working on this album, you know it's gonna be a dark and emotional album.
  11. No even Vale is heavier than this. I'd rather listen to Throw the First Stone, My Vow, The Last One, or The Outsider than any of this. I used to really dig Heartist but this was just a let down. Like I said, even the heaviest song is uninspired.
  12. I didn't even like 2008 BVB, that was the era that did suck. I liked when they started doing shit like Legacy, New Religion, Youth & Whiskey, Shattered God, Stolen Omen, Heaven's Calling, etc. And not just that, but you essentially just suggested that liking certain bands is supposed to be a trend. If you like the music you like because it's cool and trendy to, then your opinion on music means jack shit.
  13. You're joking right 😂😂😂 One of the best female metal vocalists? And that's fact huh?
  14. Oh god the hype is real. It's gonna be so nice to have a good new metalcore album, here recently most of them have gotten soft and deathcore has been the only place to turn for solid heavy music. Even MIW was mostly underwhelming.
  15. You're telling me this garbage is better than BVB. BVB play music that actually sounds like old school rock and metal and have a vocalist that doesn't sound whiny. This is just awful 😂 And nobody gives a shit about Japan's highest charting band. This is music for people with anime body pillows. I find it hilarious how sensitive people on this site are. Not every opinion is gonna agree with you. Not everyone has to like the bands you like. And people have the right to express that if they please. If that bothers you, get therapy.
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