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  1. This isn't true. I WISH Attila would do an album, but they said they're doing singles. And other than Three 6, none of the singles that've been released are on this tracklist.
  2. Oh god I was so hyped for this and it was worth it! Curious if this is the lineup Shayley's been touring with, because if so then they have an old Attack Attack! member.
  3. Fuck yes, this is the one I've been waiting for since seeing American Satan. It's the best single too.
  4. Damn three TWA songs in two days. Are they legit just going ham on dropping singles, or are they leaked? If this much is leaking then I'm surprised the whole album hasn't leaked.
  5. I feel like I can get behind most of this, but it'll definitely be my least favorite release from them. Wishing Wells is definitely the best off it.
  6. I'm pissed they waited until now to tell us Alex was gone. It's an okay song, but the new singer sounds like any other deathcore vocalist. Alex sounded unique, you knew his voice. And it also lacks the solos that also made CG stand out to me. And I find it funny Alex waited until now to release the Grudges song. Makes me wonder if he was legally bound to not reveal he was gone, which would be bullshit. They definitely should've changed the name too. Alex was the last original member. This isn't Chelsea Grin at all.
  7. This is badass I don't care what anybody says. Boo hoo there's a TINY bit of rapping. And most of it is at the beginning. After that 99% of it is metal and sick af
  8. This isn't Chelsea Grin. There's no original members left, they should have definitely changed the name. I was excited to hear Alex on here and they didn't even have the balls to tell us Alex was gone until now. Fuck that, I'll go listen to Alex's new project.
  9. It's okay but it honestly sounds WAY too much like Hypocrites. Way to rip off your own song JD. Basic Needs will be sick though.
  10. Woah, much better than I expected. Most of the singles were awful so I expected a mostly garbage album, but damn most of it's good.
  11. Did this really win? Like, he's a good rapper, but music that actually has instruments whoops any rappers ass any day.
  12. First listen I was a little skeptical, then I remembered that this is a rock opera, not an attempt at a metallic album like the self titled, STWOF, or WSTW. Go into it looking at it in a way you'd look at Pink Floyd's The Wall. It's telling a story, and on this third listen I'm loving it. And once we see the story unfolding I'll probably love it even more, it was that same effect on me with Wretched and Divine.
  13. 1. Graveyard Shift - Motionless In White 2. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria 3. This Emptiness - The Dead Rabbitts 4. Shadows Inside - Miss May I 5. The Sin and the Sentence - Trivium 6. Cold Like War - We Came As Romans 7. American Satan soundtrack - Remington Leith 8. Selfish Age - As Lions 9. Dear Desolation - Thy Art is Murder 10. False Idol - Veil of Maya
  14. Careful not to cut yourself on all that edge
  15. When will you guys post the new single BVB debuted on BBC radio earlier? Its called Wake Up.