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  1. The correct order is There Is a Hell > Suicide Season > Count Your Blessings > Sempiternal > Edge of Your Seat > "Dear Diary" > "Parasite Eve" > "True Friends" and then really nothing else matters
  2. Woah! Dear Diary is the best song they've put out in years. More shit like that please.
  3. It isn't Creatures 2: Undead Ahead. It's Undead Ahead 2. It's a sequel to Undead Ahead from Creatures, not the title track.
  4. Man this shit fucking slaps. I'll take as much Darko as I can get, especially considering they don't have that many actual full length songs between their EP and two singles.
  5. This is so sick, I'll definitely be looking out for more music from this band. I love hearing Alex in metal again, it was cool hearing him feature with Until the Dead Walk as well. Can't wait for his future project he teased on Instagram.
  6. This and Infamous are my favorite Motionless albums. I've been listening to this album and RSTW a lot lately because they were my favorite albums back in 2010 when I was just getting into metalcore. The new album art on the vinyl version is sick too, I changed it to that in my music library. That's the art for the limited edition vinyl, and it also doesn't include the bonus tracks. These bonus tracks are on the digital version, and we're originally included in a limited deluxe physical copy back when the album was originally released.
  7. If it weren't for the recent video of Greg surfacing I'd be jamming the fuck out of this right now. But I'm good on a rapist, maybe if they get a new vocalist but at that point they might as well just change the name too.
  8. They're already on YouTube. They're just the songs he did while self isolating. Y2mate or y2mp3
  9. They're already available. They're just most of the songs he did for his quarantine sessions and Smoke and Drive was renamed Roll the Windows Up. Just use a 320 YouTube ripper and an app to edit the tags and album art to add them to the album. That's what I did, as well as changing the art to the original art before it got changed.
  10. Why is the single they're using to promote the deluxe edition a song already on the standard edition...
  11. I loved the movie so much. The prison scene when Lamb of God plays is my favorite part. "You want some Bill and Ted, punk?" 😂
  12. The remasters sound beautiful. And hearing people bitch that they re-recorded four songs from it is getting kinda old. We still have the original recordings to listen to, now remastered too.
  13. That used to be my theory until Dead Rabbitts became trash too. Most of that last EP was pure cringe. 24/7 was awful, Dead By Daylight's lyrics were super cringe, "So long not nice to know ya," for example, and Gutter was just 🤮
  14. There's a bonus track on physical copies called "Chasing Shadows." Wonder when that'll surface.
  15. If you didn't already know, the drummer is Moose, formerly of BFMV.
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