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  1. Disguise is sick, sounds like Korn meets old school Linkin Park.
  2. This shit is livid, Behold the Crown, 11/26 and A Pulse Exchanged are my top three.
  3. I believe Carla is her name, was definitely with Playboy.
  4. They're re-recording all of WSTW as well as recording new songs for it, which Andy said they just did so hopefully a single or two drops in a few months, as well as adding some unreleased demos to it and an unreleased live DVD from that era. I'm really excited for it, the heaviness of that era along with the evolved talent they have today, it's sure to be their best release.
  5. The first half (tracks 1-6) are the only ones that really hit hard. Soul Like Me, Westwood Road, Know Me, and The Promise are definitely the best tracks. I honestly can't stand Fire in My Mind. That auto tune chipmunk bullshit is exactly the reason I hated Young and Menace by FOB. Though I'm picky on it, I do enjoy some pop rock and pop punk (sometimes you just need to listen to something other than metal) and this wasn't a bad album, but The Shadow Side was much better.
  6. That fucking breakdown. I'm so ready for the next album.
  7. I think he's thinking of Butcher Babies my dude I remember this band followed me on Twitter back when I was in high school and "Is This the Way You Get to Hell" had just came out and I actually talked to Mixi a few times lol Kinda cool they blew up a little bit.
  8. Goddamn, the solos in Infernal Suffering and There is No Tomorrow fucking rip!
  9. Damn they really picked it back up lyrically. The last album was solid instrumentally but was weak lyrically, Dwell in the Shadows being a perfect example of poor lyricism, but The Void being a great example of the strong instrumentals. This album was overall heavy as shit and deep and personal. Love it.
  10. I was really excited for the new songs but they were sadly a letdown for the most part. I like The Dirt and Crash and Burn, but the other three aren't that great. Hope Nikki continues with Sixx:A.M. because the Prayers For the Damned/Blessed albums were beautiful.
  11. Love the song. Have been excited for this since they announced they were collaborating. And why is everyone bitching about the cover, y'all realize Shayley has been struggling right? He had to crowd fund the album, just be happy we're actually getting another damn album.
  12. It's a good song, but I like the EP and album better. Hopefully there's more stuff on that level to come. I'm just glad they're coming back, I was wondering about them. Now if we can get a Relapse Symphony comeback.
  13. I hope they play this live. Them with Parkway Drive and Killswitch Engage is on my list of shows I'm trying to go to.
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