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  1. Damn ouch is a really good song
  2. Kinda agree, he shoulda dropped two albums instead, one last year and then one this year
  3. RIGHT? Dark Before Dawn was my second favourite by them after Phobia. That being said, gotta figure out where Ember fits in now.
  4. Yeah I don't get the hate on Save Yourself, that shit bangs
  5. Seriously man. Shout out to Breaking Benjamin for staying true to the Breaking Benjamin name
  6. So much better than current Skillet. Always knew she was hella talented, watch her go solo now
  7. Looks like you're the one that needs to grow up.
  8. Okay there were some really good songs on this imo, but seriously wtf was Me Against You?
  9. The iTunes version of this is slightly different (comes in about 30 seconds longer). Has anyone got a link to that?
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