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  1. This is awesome! ANTIFA FOR LIFE! Communism will win! 🤘🖕 ~K!zL
  2. Man, those lyrics are pure emotion. The "Can I die yet?" Hit home really fucking hard. ~K!zL
  3. The single are all dope af. Can't wait to hear the whole thing seen them live with BMTH and SHE KILLED IT. ~K!zL
  4. So uhhh pop punk - metalcore... aka easycore? ~K!zL
  5. My body is ready. 🥰🤩 Had no idea these guys were still around. Excited af. ~K!zL
  6. Holy shit this is great. That breakdown at the end felt like old the used. 😍 ~K!zL
  7. Holy crap the dude is really downvoting comments on here. HAHAHAHAHA doggy get a life bruh. ~K!zL
  8. Man, nothing they do will beat Chasing Dreams. Sad. ~K!zL
  9. Just checked them out. Pretty cool I think their first stuff is better after diving into their work. Stuffs gewd and I can't wait for more. It's like Hawthorne heights had a baby with neck deep. Lol ~K!zL
  10. How can you be both deathcore and death metal? 🤔 ~K!zL
  11. Riff salad it's a no from me dawg. ~K!zL
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