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  1. If Fall Out Boy and FFDP banged rofl. I loved SAUS and R&R. Can't deal with this. As poster above said... I have signed stuff by them i'm now ashamed of having. Rofl. ~K!zL
  2. I've been doing it for the past 15 years on forums. Lul Just my thing I guess. ~K!zL
  3. Love sum 41 and I love this song. DTLI is my favorite album by them strange how many people like UCH I hated that album. Lmao Bunch of snowflakes in here upset too which is awesome. HAHA ~K!zL
  4. Its got 350k views on YouTube in 2 hrs sure seems to work if you ask me. ~K!zL
  5. HTD and Attila are both god tier. 😘 ~K!zL
  6. It's like taking a bath with an electric guitar. While the terminator tries to have his way with you. ~K!zL
  7. Deleted AA self titled for this to fit. ~K!zL
  8. Stop! I can only get so hard. ~K!zL
  9. I like how they're doing very different songs it's not the same monotonous song over and over. They've taken a lot from BMTH but still kept it far heavier. This is how to change shit up without completely leaving the base of your followers behind. ~K!zL
  10. I've been waiting for this since they were Bedroom Talk!!!! Ilovelesguyssomuch its like 2003-2007 again. But better. ~K!zL
  11. After listening to this album a bunch of times im calling it. AOTY ~K!zL
  12. Papa fronz brings the fire i'll be bumping this shit FOR DAYS! Thank you! ~K!zL
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