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  1. Now matter how hard I try, I just can’t get excited about a new Papa Roach album in 2018.
  2. KSE is a rare example though, they’re the AC/DC of metalcore. And I mean that as a compliment. I just mean that every album, the sound is basically the same, but it’s still going to be awesome.
  3. I’ve been a huge fan of In Flames since around 1998-1999(I’m old), I’ve genuinely enjoyed everything they’ve done, even the recent stuff. Yeah it’s different, but that’s a good thing. Who wants to hear a band keep doing the same thing over and over? I dig this new song a lot.
  4. Have you not heard Grimes before? Her earlier albums are fantastic. This is a bit different from her usual sound though.
  5. Damn...why even give this guy the attention?
  6. Unearth May be the most consistent band in metalcore, everything they put out is extremely high quality. I’m still going to wait for 320 to listen.
  7. This is a cool band, love their earlier albums. Look forward to checking this out as well. If you like stuff like Ulcerate or Portal, you should dig this.
  8. *extremely generic, below average nu-metal band does something new to make themselves stand out* Everyone: “OMG They suck now, go back to the old sound”
  9. I really hope this has choppy downtuned rhythms with fast noodley lead parts.
  10. I’d say that emo rap needs to die, but they seem to all be doing that on their own anyway.🤷‍♂️
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