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  1. As someone who is born and raised in Texas, we don’t claim this bullshit.
  2. That’s not it at all, at least for me. I love progression. This is just sort of...boring. The thing I love about Pig Destroyer is the unpredictability. But this is basically a verse/chorus/verse song. But like I said in my first comment, I don’t think it’s “bad”. I think I just got my hopes up way too high.
  3. If this were any other band, it would be a great single. But this is below Pig Destroyer standards. I’m hoping this is just a “single” to generate interest and the rest of the album is much better.
  4. 10 bucks says you play in a shitty "local" band that has to sell tickets to open up for 3rd rate scene bands in front of 15 people.
  5. It led me to a Wicked Wizdom download link
  6. Oh great, Jaden Smith has hopped on the single word, all capitals song title bandwagon.
  7. Daaaamn this is good. Produced by Kurt Ballou.
  8. This is one of the most original and unique sounds I’ve heard in a long time.
  9. More like “hit the girl in the face”...right guys?!
  10. Does everyone on here who has a band just name it after a song from another metalcore band?