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  1. I mean, to me it sounds like she’s doing something similar to what Kitty has been doing. But I actually like Kitty’s voice.
  2. Never heard of her, listened to the single. She might be one of the worst singers I’ve ever heard.
  3. We already have Babymetal, we dont need this.
  4. I love this. I’m okay with heavier bands getting softer as long as they’re good at it. It’s just that when most heavy rock bands try to make pop, it ends up being terrible. But Shikari has creativity and a damn good singer, they can pull it off.
  5. LOL@people still putting parental advisory on album covers
  6. This stuff is so good. On The Floor is fucking BLEAK. But I’ve always really loved Phil’s singing voice, so I like this a lot.
  7. I googled “with this fake” and all I saw were stories about that guy who booked his fake band on a European tour.
  8. I don’t know why but rapping in Japanese sounds hilarious to me.
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