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  1. All of these nu bands are just starting to blur together. Just like nu metal did towards the end. I don’t see this lasting very long.
  2. Holy shit did they name themselves after the 3 Doors Down song
  3. There are some melodic rock songs on every KSE album. This is clearly going to be the “radio single”...I don’t know why everyone is surprised. “In Due Time” and “Cut Me Loose” were both released as advanced singles, but the full albums were incredible.
  4. Great stuff! If you’re unfamiliar, this is a Cave In side project. Super melodic alt-rock.
  5. Was hoping for something a little more aggressive, but Jesus Christ he can sing.
  6. So they re-recorded the entire soundtrack from the original?
  7. Love this woman! If you’re into unusual and strange music, highly recommended!
  8. Not a fanboy at all, in fact I haven’t heard a note of music from these guys in probably 6 or 7 years. But that’s what happens when I don’t like a band, I just simply don’t listen to them. I don’t feel the need to tell strangers on the internet.
  9. I’ve honestly haven’t heard a single Skillet song in my entire life. It’s just that the whole “sellout” comments nowadays make me cringe. I write and record my own music, and every single time I write something new I try to push further and come up with original ideas. I feel like this is probably the general attitude for a lot of bands, but god forbid they stray too far or people will accuse them of selling out. No one can just accept the fact nowadays that bands DO want to change.
  10. Not one single band wants to keep playing the same exact shit throughout the entire course of their band. I highly doubt they changed their sound because they saw “someone else doing it”. You aren’t entitled to dictate what a band writes. You either like it or you don’t.
  11. I hope you didn’t actually spend money on it Basically everyone here was on their nuts 5 years ago, now they go and do something different and all the sudden they’re “shitty”. Fans are so fickle. They’ll never be able to please you.
  12. Underrated? They practically invented modern metalcore. Lol
  13. They are really nice dudes too. My old band played with them a few times, although I think Ian is the only one still in the band from those days. But he writes all the lyrics and music anyway.
  14. They have been around far longer than I Prevail
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