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  1. This is a stand-alone single they released to encourage their fans to vote
  2. One of my favorite newer bands covering my all time favorite band😄
  3. I’m a cancer survivor too. It sucks that so many people don’t make it.
  4. He wasn’t the only person in the band.
  5. Let’s all celebrate his life by downloading everything he made for free.
  6. When you’re Bon fuckin’ Jovi, you don’t need a creative title.
  7. Not as good as anything on the last Jesu LP, but still, I always look forward to anything that JK Broadrick puts out.
  8. I’m critically thinking that you’re wrong
  9. If you like this please go buy it Friday!
  10. I thought the same thing. I saw this and thought...Is this THE Scarlet? I don’t think they are around anymore but they are a hidden gem from the 2000’s.
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