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  1. So the band’s named after the drummer because she’s a YouTube quasi-celebrity?
  2. Yeah...who knew that hiring someone to kill your wife would be such a hot button issue.
  3. Call 911. This song made me kill my wife.
  4. It’s really weird when bands I’ve never even heard of are doing “anniversary” releases.
  5. So good. More people need to hear this band.
  6. As much as I hate to say this, because it makes me sound sexist as fuck, but if the singer was another female that wasnt near as attractive nobody would give a shit.
  7. Woah...I was so happy to see this as I was scrolling along. I know this site probably isn’t the best audience for Earth, but if you’re open minded and you haven’t heard them, you definitely should.
  8. Weak. I get wanting to honor your influences/heroes/idols/whatever. But this just comes across as a pretty sad attempt at cashing in on his death. Unless the proceeds go to raise suicide prevention awareness or something like that, this just looks really desperate and tacky.
  9. Damn. THIS is how a band should grow and progress. It’s not forced or awkward, all the changes feel natural. Whitechapel have outgrown the “deathcore” genre, but that’s not a bad thing. This may be the best heavy album of the year.
  10. I think its just the context in which you hear it. I was barely a teenager when Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore came out and at the time I thought they were hilarious. In highsight, not so much. I feel like Adam Sandler is for people who still think fart jokes are funny. And I dont mean that as an insult. Its just that, hopefully, as you mature...so does your sense of humor.
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