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  1. Woah that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while
  2. Is this one of those bands that screams during the verses and sings during the choruses?
  3. Most unintentionally sexual band name Ive ever seen. But lets go ahead and give the benefit of the doubt and say it IS intentional...its still stupid as fuck.
  4. Well that’s what people get for having false expectations
  5. Who comes up with these band names?
  6. someone just now realizing in 2020 that Em writes offensive lyrics is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time
  7. Wtf is this the same band that ex members of Emmure?
  8. Rush has influenced so many of today’s acts, some probably don’t even realize it. If you’re a fan of progressive metal or rock, you can thank Rush for that.
  9. More like Remembering Never-esque vocals In all fairness, Ether is very different than Remembering Never. I feel like most casual fans of Remembering Never probably wouldn’t dig this. I love both bands, but I see how the tag makes sense.
  10. A few of these: shitty people who treat women like crap One of these: someone who rapes BABIES
  11. Alcest-Spiritual Instinct Counterparts-Nothing Left to Love Knocked Loose-Different Shade of Blue Torche-Admission Infinity Shred-Forever A Fast Life Sleep Token-Sundowning Taylor Swift-Lover Cave In-Final Transmission Baroness-Gold and Grey Author and Punisher-Beastland Chelsea Wolfe-American Darkness The Acacia Strain-It Comes in Waves Angel Olsen-All Mirrors Stormzy-Heavy is the Head Health-Vol 4 Pelican-Nighttime Stories Lana Del Rey-Norman Fucking Rockwell Bon Iver-I,I PUP-Morbid Stuff Billie Eilish-When We All Fall Asleep... Sturgill Simpson-Sound & Fury Angel Du$t-Pretty Buff Oso Oso-Basking in the Glow Astronoid-Astronoid SWMRS-Berkeley’s on Fire There’s a lot more than 10, sorry. I just couldn’t limit it to just 10. And I don’t have them ranked in order because it would be so difficult for me, so the order is interchangeable.
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