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  1. Incredible band. If you love heavy, don’t sleep on this. It’s like if Cult of Luna was a hardcore band.
  2. E!E! was one of the best emo bands I’d heard in a long time, and Keith is one of the nicest dudes. Stoked to hear some new(old)music from him.
  3. Man Stay Sick will just sign anybody these days
  4. Saw Eighteen and got really excited that it was something new from 18V...but noooo.
  5. God I can’t imagine a man in his 50’s writing lyrics like this.
  6. This could quite possibly be the best death metal album of the year.
  7. I mean, to me it sounds like she’s doing something similar to what Kitty has been doing. But I actually like Kitty’s voice.
  8. Never heard of her, listened to the single. She might be one of the worst singers I’ve ever heard.
  9. We already have Babymetal, we dont need this.
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