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  1. So good. If you aren’t familiar with the albums they put out 15 years ago, you need to get them.
  2. If you’re a PWD fan, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t like this. Sure, they’re evolving. But if you like their old stuff, you can still listen to their old stuff. Personally I think it’s cool that they’re pushing their sound in new directions. I don’t want to hear them make “Deep Blue” 5 albums in a row.
  3. I didn’t even know this was coming out...I love Grouper!
  4. Yessss. I have this preordered, but I may listen now because I don’t want to wait 2 more weeks.
  5. Amorphis has been so consistent for so long. Everything they put out is quality.
  6. So good. This is the singer from It Prevails new band.
  7. Sunbather had 7 tracks too, I’m betting 1 or 2 of them will be an interlude.
  8. It’s just a metal song in a major key. I don’t think people know what to do when they hear major keys.
  9. I don’t really get the foo fighters vibe, other than the first chord seems to be the same chord from Everlong. That’s about the only similarity that I hear.
  10. Jesus Christ that’s a catchy song.
  11. Damn. I loved Square Hammer. I may love this even more. Possible song of the year.
  12. Sounds like they picked up where they left off. Reminds me a lot of Magnetic North, which is a good thing.