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  1. No, I just genuinely didn’t hear it. I’m familiar with Dani’s voice, I just didn’t think that sounded like him.
  2. I mean, if that's him in the bridge trying to sound like Marilyn Manson, then yeah. I guess that's him. But it doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard him do.
  3. I didn't hear Dani's vocals in the song, or am I missing it? Is he just in the video?
  4. I really wish they would lose the stupid guttural vocals, they dont need them. Just makes me think of Design The Skyline.
  5. So Saliva and Tantric played at a county fair here a few months ago and apparently only like 15 people showed up to see them. I dont know why, but that made me super depressed.
  6. Woah. This is a little more upbeat than the other stuff he released as Geotic. I love it. Maybe better than the last Baths album.
  7. Wow. Ive never heard of them, but this is really good. Definitely some Bon Iver vibes, but also a lot different.
  8. I didn’t even know a new Emigrate album was coming out, I have the first one and it’s great. I would much rather prefer the new Rammstein, but this is almost as good.
  9. This record is so awesome. Definitely got the genre wrong on this one though.
  10. Such a nice surprise to wake up to. Thank you!
  11. Serious question...wtf is swancore?
  12. Obviously they are doing pretty well if they’re still putting out new music after 20 years and we don’t even know who your band is.
  13. Just listen to the acacia strain instead. At least they are interesting.
  14. Pop rock? I’m not too familiar with this band but didn’t they used to be heavy?