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  1. Looks like I’ll be “disrespecting my surroundings” with the new August Burns Red and Drain records instead!
  2. Can’t stop listening to Ripcord! Can’t wait for my preorders to come in
  3. His wife didn’t die. She had a miscarriage and then almost died in labor with his second child
  4. Hmm all of Buddy’s views definitely came out in this one! Double Cross impressed me way more.
  5. 01. Silverstein - Dead Reflection 02. Wage War - Deadweight 03. Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter 04. Speak The Truth - Everyone You... 05. Enter Shikari - The Spark 06. Neck Deep - The Peace The Panic 07. Seaway - Vacation 08. Can’t Swim - Fail You Again 09. WSTR - Red Green or Inbetween 10. Movements - Feel Something
  6. I thought of blink 182 right away as well. Not a bad thing by any means tho.
  7. Speak the truth and Like Moths to Flames were great but I had to vote for speak the truth
  8. Does anyone have the 2015 invincible leak?
  9. 1. Wage war 2. Eskimo callboy 3. Neck deep 4. Brand new 5. For the win August was good, but September is blowing August out of the water!
  10. Big 4 pop punk bands equal (Knuckle Puck, The Story So Far, Neck Deep, The Wonder Years)
  11. RIP Hoser.... when you tour with bands like Simple Plan and Set It Off for close to a year I guess they're bound to rub off on you. I was excited when I heard apartment, but the other singles they released were distasteful to me. After listening to the full album, it surpassed my expectations, but felt as though something was missing. It's like having veggies and potatoes and wondering where the steak is. The lyrics have no long term effect on me, and the drums/guitar work during the verses is as simple as it gets. The choruses are strong and catchy, but lack meaning. I'd give the album a 3 out of 5
  12. Yeah it leaked yesterday and it's just as good as Gone. KP's gonna be a contender for Album of the year for me.
  13. A lot of people will give them a hard time for sticking to their roots, but I love it. A lot of pop punk bands and hardcore bands are making drastic changes to their sound and it works for some people. I'm not one of those people. So it's nice to see bands like The Story So Far and Knuckle Puck putting out hard hitting pop punk albums.
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