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  1. bro hell come back next album for sure
  2. I only know bottom of a bottle is this worth listening to
  3. I didn't dislike human it has some really good songs on it, but to me it was just run of the mill and kinda generic to me. I still like it but it's probably my least favorite from them.
  4. this is so much better than human. there was a couple songs on here that I didn't really like but it's really good to me. 8.5/10
  5. I liked human but this is better than that.
  6. albums actually not bad so if you're hesitant to listen to it I would cus a bunch of the people on here seem to be exaggerating it's low points a lot. it's not great, but it's got some good songs. way better than last album.
  7. hope there's some stuff like their EP on this record cus I'm not too much into this. if I wanted to listen to Korn I would Lauren to Korn lol
  8. wow. that's just bad. they use that stupid Woaahoooaahh in every song and it sounds the same as devil in the mirror.
  9. I have listened to say of the dead this song just feels like such a stereotypical cop out song like fallen angels by bvb. it's like a "we are together" kind of song to me. I get that people will disagree with me but I just don't like this song at all compared to the last singles. I do like the breakdown though.
  10. I like breaking Benjamin but they're last two albums sound the same. there's no change at all and I don't wanna listen to the same album twice.
  11. I like Hollywood undead but this song is generic trash and could be easily placed on any album post swan songs. it's like breaking Benjamin. they're afraid to change their sound.
  12. ive seen them live and they're amazing. so much energy. even if he isn't the best vocalist, he more than makes up for it with energy. I also seem to be in the minority on the lyrics. I really like how dark and abrasive they are even if they are super edgy and shit.
  13. hyped as fuck. hope to see them when they go on tour, they put on an amazing show. would definitely recommend seeing them live if you have the chance