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  1. Thought they we're done, glad to hear something new! @Cutliesthroat More like the album to me
  2. Better than I expected, this album is pure gold! Thanks!
  3. It's hard to decide between FEVER 333 and Shrezzers, both are great
  4. Four songs in and I'm not sure what to think... MANTRA and medicine were good though
  5. Not bad, but by far the worst single from amo
  6. After listening the whole album, I can say it's much better than I expected
  7. While this is cool, I still miss letlive. Not comparing both bands, just wishing letlive. was still a thing (same with Squid the Whale and Emarosa)
  8. Nice!Their last album was on my top 3 Thanks!
  9. I liked the last singles, but this one is a bit boring, although it's not bad
  10. This was very tough, but here I go: Ghost - Prequelle Polyphia - New Levels New Devils Slaves - Beautiful Death Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection Architects - Holy Hell Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic VOLA - Applause of a Distant Crowd Makari - Hyperreal Sylar - Seasons Toundra - Vortex I'm sure I forgot some awesome albums, but it's hard to compile one year of albums into a top ten...
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