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  1. I think you wanted to quote @xMXUx on that second comment, but I'd love if you sent me any rarity/demo related to Jesse
  2. Are you talking about a demo he released as SleepYear? I had two demos and a cover of Lana del Rey's "Blue Jeans", but lost it years ago...
  3. Hi! Can I please get some True Blue singles in 320? War (2016) On You/Sundane (2017) Falling Down [feat. Sara Marie Barron] (2018) Heads Up (2018) What Do You Think of Me? (2018) Making My Bed (2019) Thanks!
  4. Hi! Can I please get some Bilmuri music in 320? Jaguar Shark (album, 2016) and the demo version of "Room" if possible Letters (album, 2016) Frame (album, 2017) Stay (single, 2018) Fireflies (single, 2018) Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! Can I please get the first three Siamese/Siamese Fighting Fish albums in 320? We Are the Sound (2011) Breathe:See:Move (2012) Siamese (2015) Thanks!
  6. I get what you're saying, but since it's a leaked demo, maybe the band didn't even think about releasing it Anyway, I enjoyed the song and I wish they continue to release music, don't care if they call themselves Linkin Park or not
  7. Like it or not, they're Linkin Park songs, so i don't think your point stands (I'm not trying to argue, just saying what my opinion) I think, even if a song does not feature a band member, there's a certain amount of creative input from everyone in that band Out of curiosity, why did you say that he most certainly does not sing In Between? Chester just does backup vocals (I think), as does Mike in some Chester-lead songs
  8. In Between and No Roads Left are sung by Mike only
  9. Good song, in my opinion better than most of OML Where did it came from?
  10. They have at least 11 acoustic studio versions of their songs, plus the piano version of Forget Your Heart, so you can make an acoustic album/playlist with them (I've done it)
  11. Thanks! Anyone knows if the "Smashed into Pieces" on this album is the same as the re-recorded version they released on 2013?
  12. Hi! Can I please get these two Mai Mai albums? Arribar a Mart (2015) Bonaventura (2019) Having them in 320 would be perfect, but I know it's hard because it's a small band, so whatever you can find will be fine! Thanks in advance!
  13. Thought they we're done, glad to hear something new! @Cutliesthroat More like the album to me
  14. Hi! Can I please get these The Night Game singles in 320? Kids in Love [The Night Game Version] [2018] The Outfield [The Midnight Remix] [2018] The Outfield [Rossevelt Remix] [2018] Kids in Love [Don Diablo Remix] [2018] Is the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) [2018] Thanks!
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