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  1. There's this thing called opinion, you know?
  2. 14 songs and Kurt Travis featured on a song? This album is already sounding awesome!
  3. I can't argue with that, he sounds much better than in their previous albums
  4. Not heavy enough. I think this is my least favorite release from them (not counting HLW, that album is just nostalgia). Maybe it'll grow on me... I hope they're not going soft because I don't think I'll like an album with Beau vocals only, he is not that good imo.
  5. Didn't know this was coming out, it's really good, still missing letlive. though
  6. Better than I expected tbh, but I think they should've put the single as the last song because it doesn't sound like their other songs at all
  7. Say Amen is pretty good and the video is awesome, but Silver Lining isn't half as good, sounds like a filler track to me
  8. Thanks! Is there a version with the complete set or I just imagined it?
  9. Discovered this guys on here and fell in love with their music, thanks KL!
  10. Where did you get that info from? It's kinda sad that bands break-up just for one member's decision...
  11. Been visiting KL a lot lately only to check if this album had leaked, let's hope it's worth the wait!