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  1. After listening the whole album, I can say it's much better than I expected
  2. While this is cool, I still miss letlive. Not comparing both bands, just wishing letlive. was still a thing (same with Squid the Whale and Emarosa)
  3. I liked the last singles, but this one is a bit boring, although it's not bad
  4. This was very tough, but here I go: Ghost - Prequelle Polyphia - New Levels New Devils Slaves - Beautiful Death Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection Architects - Holy Hell Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic VOLA - Applause of a Distant Crowd Makari - Hyperreal Sylar - Seasons Toundra - Vortex I'm sure I forgot some awesome albums, but it's hard to compile one year of albums into a top ten...
  5. Thanks a lot! There's some albums here I don't have, especially the last Underground EPs
  6. Thanks! Just listened to it and, although the intro feels unnecessary, the album is fucking gold!
  7. Although The Is a Hell is still my favorite album by them, I loved TTS and I'm loving the new singles
  8. I listened to this because of Chester, but I really liked it, so I'll be checking the album when it comes out!
  9. Just noticed that there was a deluxe edition of the album I'm sure the bonus tracks are as good as the rest of the songs
  10. I don't know what the fuck he's saying, but I loved every second of it
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