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  1. "But Shogun this, but Shogun that" - look, Shogun is my favorite album of all time, but there is no way Trivium will ever make an album that sounds completely like it ever again. Matt blew his voice big time, so it's a miracle that we even have screaming vocals of any sort. Asking Matt Heafy to scream on a Trivium record like he did on Shogun is like asking M. Shadows to scream on an Avenged record like he did on Waking the Fallen. It's just not gonna happen. If you think the chorus is lacking, that's more subjective, I just needed to state the other thing.
  2. Somebody put this band on the headlining slot of every major festival out there after the coronavirus pandemic ends.
  3. Remove the overcompressed electric guitars from this song and you get that. There is nothing "rock" about this... This makes the new Green Day album sound vicious, lol.
  4. Confirmed. They had a pizza party last year where they told the fans it would come out this summer. Also, I've talked to someone who knows Syn personally and they told me the same thing.
  5. I totally forgot the album was coming out tomorrow so this is a nice "surprise". Can't wait to sink my teeth into what Josh has cooked up.
  6. There is a new full-length album coming later this year too. Just a heads up.
  7. It definitely isn't. They've been in the studio for a while now (talked to somebody who knows Syn personally).
  8. Why is this indie pop thing appropriating MY trve kvlt culture!?!??! The audacity of some people... 🙄😆
  9. It's not that it offends us, it's just that it's hilarious to see this guy turn into a complete religious wacko fanatic lmfao. Would be the same thing if he became a Buddhist and moved to Tibet, what religion he subscribes to is irrelevant; it's the display of it all.
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