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  1. It definitely isn't. They've been in the studio for a while now (talked to somebody who knows Syn personally).
  2. Why is this indie pop thing appropriating MY trve kvlt culture!?!??! The audacity of some people... 🙄😆
  3. It's not that it offends us, it's just that it's hilarious to see this guy turn into a complete religious wacko fanatic lmfao. Would be the same thing if he became a Buddhist and moved to Tibet, what religion he subscribes to is irrelevant; it's the display of it all.
  4. I'd give this 9/10, 8.5 at the very least. Truly the best Mayhem album in a while (and this is coming from someone who loves A Grand Declaration of War and Esoteric Warfare). The most evil fucking music I've heard all year long, hands down.
  5. Listened some songs on YT, not really my thing haha.
  6. Lmao was scrolling down on the site and just by glimpsing at the cover I knew this was "indie" type thing... 🙄👎
  7. Read the album name as "Libtard". Would've been way better if that was the actual name. Oh well.
  8. 7empest is the best song on the album. Actually, 7empest is the best song this year. The whole album is mindblowing, but that song is out of this world. Just wow.
  9. Yesterday I said how Slipknot came out with an album that's miles better than most current bands. Now Tool came out with a song that is next fucking level. Nobody can do stuff like this except Tool.
  10. You must dig Spiders, it has NIN all over it.
  11. A song like My Pain is this extended, experimental interlude, and I personally dig its ominous, dark vibe. It's like a breather track that is unsettling at the same time, it almost reminds me of scores Christopher Nolan has in his movies. To me a song like that absolutely fits on a Slipknot album, plus it doesn't really change the fact all the other tracks are mindblowing.
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