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  1. Was just wondering why'd you claim BVB breakdowns would "hit like a truck".
  2. This topped new Behemoth as AOTY for me. Might even like the album as much as AOGHAU.
  3. So good. Any news on the album release date?
  4. I've submitted 320 kbps, it was from the same source though, he just ripped a better quality. Album's a banger.
  5. I like black metal to be black metal in its purest, most diabolical form. But this album doesn't need to be just black metal. All the different influences brought to it make it more interesting. Reminds me a lot of Cradle of Filth's latest two outputs, and they were a band that had gone to make some "meh" albums in the past as well. All in all, this album is way better than Abrahadabra which only had 2 - 3 memorable tracks.
  6. Tbh, Sempiternal isn't just a metalcore album. I'd call it a modern alternative rock album. It has influences of metalcore, electronic rock and it has even some post-rock riffs here and there. I guess I can back that guy up by saying that BMTH never were a traditional metalcore band because of how diverse their sound is, and in their heaviest days they were something between metalcore and deathcore.
  7. Exactly how I feel. Comments on Reddit are even worse. A bunch of entitled so-called fans...
  8. Most people that dislike this track are just pissed this isn't 0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1 tabs and breakdowns all throughout the song. This song has a solid metal songwriting, and you can tell by the riffs that they're pulling influences from thrash and even a bit of melodeath. I don't get the alt metal comparison, it's got too much meat on the bone to be alt metal. I've also seen people on reddit call this arena rock, which is even more far off. Great track, hype for the album is real.
  9. Halo is their best song imo, it has the best songwriting and it's incredibly tight. One of my favorite songs of all time. About Catharsis, well at this point MH is 9 albums deep. They don't have to make every new album a masterpiece. They're doing these 2.5 hours sets, so they just need 4-5 really good new songs and that's it. I don't expect them to make an album as good as The Blackening ever again, and that's the mindset people should have, because you're only getting disappointed otherwise.
  10. Not as bad as everyone makes it up to be. There are 5-6 really strong songs, 5-6 okay songs and a couple of forgettable ones. Heavy Lies the Crown though, holy fuck!
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