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  1. 7empest is the best song on the album. Actually, 7empest is the best song this year. The whole album is mindblowing, but that song is out of this world. Just wow.
  2. Yesterday I said how Slipknot came out with an album that's miles better than most current bands. Now Tool came out with a song that is next fucking level. Nobody can do stuff like this except Tool.
  3. You must dig Spiders, it has NIN all over it.
  4. A song like My Pain is this extended, experimental interlude, and I personally dig its ominous, dark vibe. It's like a breather track that is unsettling at the same time, it almost reminds me of scores Christopher Nolan has in his movies. To me a song like that absolutely fits on a Slipknot album, plus it doesn't really change the fact all the other tracks are mindblowing.
  5. Amazing album. In a time when these new bands are being worshipped for "trailblazing" the metal scene, Slipknot comes out with the best record they've done in 15 years and blows all these bands away. Honestly, my favorite Slipknot album with Iowa.
  6. Reign in Blood is only 29 minutes and it's better than 90% of music out there.
  7. Sorceress had some meaty riffs. But good song. Looking forward to the album!
  8. Look, it's not whether the riffs are "crazy" or not. It's just that they don't have any metal elements in them. Converge have some of the craziest riffs EVER, and they aren't metal either. Metal riffs are defined by the D minor chord progressions and oftenly, pentatonic scale. Listen to any Slayer, Sepultura, Pantera, Megadeth etc. Then listen to AA and those types of bands and you'll hear a MASSIVE difference in riff structure. They don't follow the same chord progressions as metal bands. You can call AA "heavy metal" all you want, but it's blatantly wrong. That's like calling Iron Maiden metalcore.
  9. I'm not saying that it's too simple (even though it is, but that's not my point). It seems like you don't read. I said that it's simple WHY it's not metal, because it has no metal elements at all. Also, riffs are the very essence of metal and they define what metal is. AA don't have metal riffs, they have post-hardcore riffs, is that hard to grasp? Maybe it's easier for me because I'm a guitarist so I understand how riffs work, but you just have to listen to any metal band and AA and it will be obvious. Endless chugging on the first fret doesn't equal metal.
  10. Yes, we understand how it's not. 1.) Riffs aren't metal, they are post-hardcore 2.) Vocals are as well 3.) The band is too Simple as that.
  11. I mean, nothing says metal quite like emo swoopy hair, crabcore dance moves and 0-1-0-1-0-1-0 breakdowns, right??? How can anyone think this has ANYTHING to do with metal is beyond me....
  12. If by everyone else you mean scene kids, sure. Talk to any actual metalhead and not somebody who listens to Warped Tour emo-metalcore and tell me if they think AA is metal...
  13. Plenty of people do. Also, the number of people who may or may not care doesn't justify people's ignorance.
  14. Read the about section over at r/metalcore and tell me what it says pls. METAL in metalcore is an adjective. It means metallic hardcore. If it was hardcore metal, then it would be a metal genre. Also, AA was never and will never be a metal band. https://www.reddit.com/r/Metalcore/wiki/metalcore_history
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