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  1. SoldierOfCydonia


    So they were right! OK Human is on its way and it sounds epic, it has some orchestral stuff as they told. But I didn't know that Rivers can sing in such a strong way. I'm impressed!
  2. Quite good song, but as a leading single I don't think it's the best choice. But we'll see it soon. That song is not bad, but it's quite different than what Green Day does. Maybe I need to re-listen to it. PS. Do you know that Father of All... lasts 26 minutes? It was said in one interview. It means we're gonna get 2 or 3-minute songs only. I guess most of them will be fast paced.
  3. Awesome! Let's wait again a few months for a new Weezer album! I wouldn't be surprised if OK Human is released in the beginning of 2021. But about that song: It's cool! I like that rock sound of Weezer - I think we had that hard rock Weezer in 2014 or 2016 recently. I'm looking forward for that album.
  4. I'm listening to it now, and I think it's a good song. It's not that heavy, as they used to play, but that song has something cool in itself. It was worth the waiting since December 2018 - and I haven't listened to it then.
  5. I really enjoy that album. I rate it 7.5/10 My favourite songs are: Record Collection, Target Market, People Know How To Love One Another and The Only Ones.
  6. I waited over 6 years for it. I'm not disappointed, but I still need to get more into some songs.
  7. I was ready for a disappointment, I was afraid that this song will be bad. But it turned out to be something amazing. I'm hyped for a new album in May.
  8. I'm digging it. In my opinion it's not bad - it's interesting and pleasant to listen. The best ones are Algorithm and The Void from yet unreleased songs
  9. I love it! It's weird, but it's catchy! I give it 5 stars - mainly for Pete Wentz.
  10. I expected more from it, because of describe of the song. But I'm not disappointed, because now I love this song, and I think it's the best one so far.
  11. Yes, solo could be made more in that way. Chorus and solo are not so dark as verses (which are reminding me about Space Dementia somehow) Exactly! I listened to it three times and I enjoy it now.
  12. It's not bad, but I expected more from it. I think I need to give it some listen.
  13. For me it's a typical radio song. Not bad, but I don't think I'll be listening to it all the time.
  14. It sounds weird - very weird. But as someone who likes NIN, I'm prepared and hyped for weird NIN stuff. I like this song. I can't wait for release of Bad Witch.
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