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  1. KL, the master leakers/memers.
  2. Solid release, just wish they would've gave us the other 5 songs for the full album experience, 9 songs seems hella short, all but one I liked.
  3. I never lost faith in my master leakers, papa bless
  4. Did they just really follow up their most mainstream and hyped album up with this shit, yeah. Seems about so.
  5. Loved how it began, felt like it lost itself along the way. The structure on mastering make the verses seem dull
  6. J3T kills this, Funny Man sounds odd, J-Dog doesn't add anything to it because his verse is so short, the chorus is eh but atleast the energy is there. There has been better but im not as disappointed as some are.
  7. Not gonna even lie, I'm loving both. Jumpsuit is atomospheric at its core with really nice beats and excellently executed lines. Nico and the Niners literally sounds like most Twenty One Pilots beats. Its super mellow, i wish the rap had more 2:45 kinda moments. Im not let down by the wait.
  8. Honestly, this track is an absolute banger. Just wish it didn't have the acting part.
  9. Roaring 20's is personally the best song on this album, as for the rest of the album, its not as good as DOAB i felt like the tempo of some songs seemed too quick
  10. God i hope theres more of this in the future, what a nice R&B feel. What a good song to ride with windows down on a sunny day
  11. This is a perfect beginners album for new listeners of TWA, easy to digest with a great amount of variety of sounds before you dive into Dark Matter or Deciever. Telle really has a mellow melody most of the abum which is a good change of pace from most TWA. Overall a solid album. Their best, no. Still enjoyable all around.
  12. Paranoid: 9/10 (Great Opening Track) Spoil My Night: 6.5/10 Rich & Sad: 7/10 (Chorus is on point) Zack and Codeine: 6/10 (Vocals carry the song imo) Takin' Shots: 8.5/10 (Total Party Material) Rockstar: 9/10 (The Song that started it all) Over Now: 9.5/10 (The instrumental hits all the sweetest spots and gives it such a punch) Psycho: 5.5/10 (It doesn't live up to the hype as the rest of the album) Better Now: 4/10 (Chorus seems lazy for me) Ball For Me: 7/10 (Nicki held it back from being a great vibe track) Otherside: 8.5/10 (the Feeling Whitney of this album) Stay: 9/10 (Had doubts because I didnt like the live version, really blew me away) Blame It On Me: 10/10 (It takes the cake for me, this is what I listen to Post for) Same Bitches: 8.9/10 (Post really brings the heat with the chorus and instrumental) Jonestown: 3/10 (Felt Unnecessary) 92 Explorer: 7.5/10 (Sounds great to smoke too) Candy Paint: 10/10 (Catchy all around) Sugar Wraith: 9/10 (Perfect vibe to end on, applause all around on this album)
  13. Red Clouds had no emotion in the chorus which resulted in no energy, im sure live it'll be different and hype as hell. But this is a wonderful track and i hope more sound like this
  14. if you've kept up with her theres only 4 new songs, the rest are like a year now old. Kinda lame but I mean its something.
  15. You remind me of the "Ackchyually" meme ❤
  16. Just reminding everyone that this exists and would still love to see everyone ❤
  17. You're right, album is alright at best. but really, its wonderful after listening for a second time.
  18. Really great album, alot of the songs sound the same but it works so well because none of them are off beat in any way.
  19. Instrumentals are great, vocals seem to be lacking. But screams are on point as always.
  20. Silver Lining sounds lazy, but Say Amen sounds like "Too Rare To Die" Panic so I'm satisfied.
  21. Never been a big fan of Logic, i decided to give it a shot and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. State Of Emergency's beat is on a next level.
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