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  1. Looking forward to this one, only found out yesterday it had an impending release.
  2. Must resist, have to resist, should resist, can’t resist.... must listen!
  3. 3 years since the last album, looking forward to giving this a spin. Oh my, they cover Roxette... that was unexpected.
  4. I live in Australia and have no idea what you mean with this statement? What horrifying shit are you alluding to? Anyways, TBM are awesome both as a band and as people. Incredibly friendly and love to hang out after their concerts with their fans. The first album I adore and this will grow on me. I already like Invisible and Kintsugi (along with the singles) and it was on repeat all day today,
  5. New album incoming the end of next month. Wonderful bunch of girls who deserve way more recognition than they are currently getting.
  6. Agreed, wish it had a couple more songs though as it’s so short...
  7. 3 listens so far and this is really disappointing to be blunt. The heavier songs are passable but Gasoline sounds like a straight-up Dangerkids reject, especially Brian’s vocals. lifelines was fun, it wasn’t strong lyrically but it went off, this album as a whole makes me want to curl up in a corner and cry.... I appreciate the need to grow as a band but this is too much too fast. Shame.
  8. Looking forward to this, gonna be different to the previous album but hopefully in a good way
  9. No apologies necessary, I was quite enthused are sharing something else from them. The rest of the upload is appreciated nonetheless
  10. Thanks but the E.P. (2012) Split w/ IDYLLS is not the same Palisades, this was a Melbourne band with the same name. Cheers
  11. Entered as well, hope I am picked but if not congrats to those who are.... 😁
  12. Thanks for this, had no idea this was due for release. Can’t fgure out who they remind me of but I’m sure it will come to me eventually....
  13. Awesome, many thanks Am heading away on holidays shortly and was bummed I might have to wait to hear this. It'll do nicely until the 320/FLAC is available Merry Xmas to all!
  14. Thanks for this, been looking forward to it for a while now.
  15. Any chance the Japanese bonus tracks will appear on here today?
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