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  1. Have you tried Higher Power or Turnstile yet or maybe Superheaven
  2. Deluxe version please!!!
  3. I was hoping for the one that has fetish and wolves on it
  4. I know we cant request here and I dont wanna get in trouble but I'd love if yall added the EPs. I need the song Plot Twist
  5. This really is unreal to see my bands album on here. Thank you so much!! I visit this site everyday and discover so many new bands and I hope someone discovers this and loves it!!!
  6. Is it just me or is the track with Jay z lower than the other tracks
  7. Did they ever fix the 3rd track on here. I just noticed the messed up part? Did anyone hear anything else on the rest of the album.
  8. ive always used and trusted zippyshare but then 85 percent of the time recently some files would be corrupted and i wouldnt get the full album but i have never had that problem with passtheleaks at all
  9. will there be an update message with that one song is 320
  10. Oh ok..I remember getting this cd awhile ago from here...same quality??
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