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  1. To those i sent one of the bsides to, spread it if you like. Enjoy! I just sent it to like 7 people so it should be easy to obtain now
  2. Friend of the band. Send me a pm and ill share one for those who want a bside
  3. Heres the album cover. Album title is "I'm Afraid Of Everything" Such a good album. If you dig the singles you will like the rest. Favorite song is Christmas Creek
  4. Album is great. The next single will be Harsh Truth and its slower paced but damn good.
  5. April 4th?fuck ive had this since october.
  6. Im going to look on an old hard drive. I had 5 more instrumentals. One of which Dan said he didnt know if it would be a THSD song or a song for a side project cause the other members thought it was too similar to his old band straight reads the line. I toured with the band and went with them to record their ep in cali to record with Zack at castoe ultimate. We stayed at sam pura's old panda studios in his apartment. Good times. If i find that hard drive ill up the instrumentals for you
  7. Oh and the reason those two sound somewhat studio quality is hecause they used the drum samples from their previous ep , all these demps were tracked in their apartment with thendrums being sampled. Mike did the vox for thendemos in his closet.
  8. There is no unheard album. They had avout 6-7 instrumentals and mike before he quit, tracked vocals for godzilla and king kong (demo versions). I can 100% say there is NO official album that is shelved. Just demos amd most are included here. Theres a few others but they were not finished. This rumorngot started when baptized in bloods singer said he heard the unheard album, which i cannwith first hand knowledge say he just heard these demos and some untitled instrumentals that Dan the drummer had been working on. Hope this clears that up
  9. That was how i was given the album. I believe track 11 is a secret song cause theres no tracklisting that shows that track. Its not on the bandcamp either.
  10. Nice to see people digging this. Been sitting on it for a while
  11. Best i could offer in regards to quality. I will say i have the album in demo form when it was originally called "Magnets Vs" and i also have instrumental versions. Imf interested in the instrumentals msg me and i will shoot some over when i get in tonight
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