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  1. That was how i was given the album. I believe track 11 is a secret song cause theres no tracklisting that shows that track. Its not on the bandcamp either.
  2. Nice to see people digging this. Been sitting on it for a while
  3. Best i could offer in regards to quality. I will say i have the album in demo form when it was originally called "Magnets Vs" and i also have instrumental versions. Imf interested in the instrumentals msg me and i will shoot some over when i get in tonight
  4. Im happy that the vocalist came back and they actually stayed together long enough to track this album, what with all the hiatus/members coming and going. That said this album is fucking great! Perfect follow up and the vocalist stepped out of his comfort zone and it works. Very davey havok but not so whiny. The bandcamp has only 10 songs listed, so i guess there is a bonus track or bside for thw future.
  5. Love the last record, newborn mind. This record as a whole just flows better. Only issue os i wish they would take the vocals down a slight notch in the mix. But w/e great album.
  6. Link doesnt work. Can someone pm me a zippy link
  7. Really amazing follow up to Distant
  8. No lies. Fav song so far is "Less Sex"
  9. Get ready this album is a fuckibg beast. 10 tracks. Cant put what ive just listened to into words or describe it.
  10. Love the new vocalist and the production is great.
  11. I am a huge fan of painkillers but this has more of a horrible crowes vibe but with a faster pace and a bit more experimentation vocally. I love everything Brian does but this and 59 sound are my 2 favorite releases from Brian. Coincidentally they were both engineered and produced by the same guy.
  12. This album isso fucking good. Has so much lasting power. I know it will be on my 2018 top 10.
  13. Forgot dat credit! All good. the awesome release by this who can't release a bad album
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