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  1. @pudhead how long ago did you get notified? Also are you in the us?
  2. @Summers are these from a cd rip? Album is out tomorrow and I haven't gotten anything about shipping yet, but don't see anything about a delay either
  3. @Taylor Swift I love their early albums but they definitely benefitted from better production/chucks voice change over the years
  4. damn man 3 weeks early, not sure if i can hold out till my CD gets here
  5. @Summers are both 2&5 added? Also, my track 1 and 4 cut out and skip to the next track, is that fixed?
  6. Had this album for about a month now, no idea it wasn't out officially yet! Definitely worth a listen.
  7. doesn't bother me, just in case other people didn't notice or realize
  8. For anyone who skipped the initial 128 and waited for the 320, track 3 on the 320 is not correctly tagged, so a heads up.
  9. @Dan_622 my CD just came and i ripped it. Who would i send the bonus track to?
  10. Trying not to click download, trying to wait for my cd to arrive
  11. @Czech_Czort how do you know its a transcode? KL never lied in the past they always specified @Lord Kingdom
  12. What does V0 mean? VBR @ 320 or 256?
  13. He thinks hes getting girls cause of his looks...
  14. @D666N I saw another site post a 320 but its the same 55mb file size, are they lying and its the same 128 as posted here?
  15. Nas is the goat! Thanks for sharing, pretty anxious to hear this.
  16. @Lord Kingdom Any plans on updating to a 320? I saw a different site post this in the same V0 and then upgrade to 320, but they are not as trust worth as KL, could be a transcode.
  17. @mR12 Ah, ok. I thought it was your personal web purchase. Thanks for the possibilities anyways.
  18. @mR12 How is it possible to get a web purchase so early? I ordered the CD and they wont send me a download link until midnight tonight.
  19. DId the final track get cut short? It sounds like its cut abruptly.
  20. Pretty good album! Glad i checked it out!
  21. Whoa, janurary 2018?!?! where the hell did this come from
  22. While they are getting things ready for this to be the next box set, I wouldn't get your hope up. James and lars have stated multiple times that they will never remix the sound to adjust the bass. They have even said that recently when asked if they would remix the bass to be higher in the mix. I mean ya never know maybe they would be its incredibly unlikely. Most of the bass lines just mirror james rhythm riffs as well.
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