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  1. You think its that much better then conformicide? I dont think this is bad but it didnt seem to wow me as much as the last one, so far anyways, could be a grower.
  2. @pudhead how long ago did you get notified? Also are you in the us?
  3. @Summers are these from a cd rip? Album is out tomorrow and I haven't gotten anything about shipping yet, but don't see anything about a delay either
  4. @Taylor Swift I love their early albums but they definitely benefitted from better production/chucks voice change over the years
  5. damn man 3 weeks early, not sure if i can hold out till my CD gets here
  6. @Summers are both 2&5 added? Also, my track 1 and 4 cut out and skip to the next track, is that fixed?
  7. Had this album for about a month now, no idea it wasn't out officially yet! Definitely worth a listen.
  8. doesn't bother me, just in case other people didn't notice or realize
  9. For anyone who skipped the initial 128 and waited for the 320, track 3 on the 320 is not correctly tagged, so a heads up.
  10. @Dan_622 my CD just came and i ripped it. Who would i send the bonus track to?
  11. Trying not to click download, trying to wait for my cd to arrive
  12. @Czech_Czort how do you know its a transcode? KL never lied in the past they always specified @Lord Kingdom
  13. What does V0 mean? VBR @ 320 or 256?
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