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  1. What an underrated band and another stellar release! Thank you for getting this up!
  2. Haha fair enough and I am just curious. Trolling is personally one of my favorite past times so I wasn't sure if that was your game and such. Btw your unique name for the band is pretty good
  3. And also, if you are not a fan or someone who is generally curious, why are you commenting?
  4. Are reviewers not suppose to approach music objectively? We all have our bias but part of their gig is to try to bury that.
  5. Haha, yikes. We already have some harsh critics. Not that it really matters because it's subjective but this album has been doing really well with the critics
  6. Damn! This really lived up to my expectations. They took everything they do well and expanded on it. I love the synth elements they added. Definitely a lot going on and a lot to absorb.
  7. Woohoo! I love throwing on this band for the season. They are so good!
  8. Never heard of them until now. Trippy and random, I like it!
  9. I was pleased all the way through. Its nice Tim is getting his second chance. Keep rocking guys!
  10. Thanks for the new album. Btw does anyone else hate the production on this new album?
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