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  1. I was pleased all the way through. Its nice Tim is getting his second chance. Keep rocking guys!
  2. Thanks for the new album. Btw does anyone else hate the production on this new album?
  3. As with the past two releases, this is another disappointment. Seems they said screw it to the sound they established with Comatose and Awake. Looks like money and cliche radio rock is the flavor of the day.
  4. Holy shit does this song hit!! How do they keep it up and stay fresh? Amazing!
  5. It was ok and the opener was solid. I just don't like the dubstep esque aspects added. Seemed a little forced. Maybe it will grow on me but the middle of this album just seemed to lack
  6. Fantastic album. Strong from start to finish. Gets better with each listen! Thank you!
  7. Great album! Very well balanced and excellent musicianship!
  8. OMG Thank you!!!! These guys have never released an album I have been disappointed in and they always up their game. I thought losing Dirk to Megadeth would hurt but Bastian has cemented his spot with his performance on this album. I cannot stop listening to this one.
  9. Damn this really grooves. It's really sad to think of all the wasted future potential
  10. This album makes me so happy and yet so sad. It feels like a return to form for the band and yet with the passing of Oli, we may not get something like this again.
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