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  1. Fun album! My only gripe would be the lack of leads....Mark Morton are you there?
  2. Did anyone get this to work? Usenet keeps asking me to sign and pay...
  3. Yeah, the newest download site still doesn't work
  4. I apologize, I meant in great as far as someone who is renowned in all circles. Maybe "Legend" was a better word lol
  5. Clearly, Ben Moody was the brains behind the operation. She has a great voice but these songs have been lacking since the debut.
  6. This is probably the most varied album to date. They seem to have really branched out and really displayed all of their influences to date. Thrash, Black, Metalcore, Death, Etc. I am really, really impressed at the constant evolution and improvement. They have come so far!!! Oh, and they better keep Alex Bent, this dude is going to be a great one day.
  7. Glad to have Roy Khan back in the mix!!! Amazing album!
  8. And yeah, track 13 is missing
  9. This album is downright amazing. One of the best releases this year. I was not expecting this.
  10. Nils Molin is one of the best vocalists of this generation. Wow!
  11. Thank you for the share. My initial thoughts upon first listen - This is probably the weakest release yet. FFDP has never been lyrically deep but this is a new low. Very cookie cutter and cliche-ridden. The riffs are very predictable and not even catchy, this is one aspect they tend to always nail. One big positive is that Moody seems to really push himself vocally. With all that said, I am terribly disappointed. With all the hype I was of the thought that this might be a turning point. There first 3 albums were their best, with American Capitalist marking the turning point with the established sound that they have now beaten to death (No pun intended). Maybe its time to wrap it up. They are truly turning into the Nickelback of the Metal scene with the label "Bro Metal" being established as a genre because of them. Grab your Mountain Dew, flip your hat back, invite your g/f beating bro over, and plug in the Call of Duty cause this is more for you.
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