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  1. OMG Thank you!!!! These guys have never released an album I have been disappointed in and they always up their game. I thought losing Dirk to Megadeth would hurt but Bastian has cemented his spot with his performance on this album. I cannot stop listening to this one.
  2. Damn this really grooves. It's really sad to think of all the wasted future potential
  3. This album makes me so happy and yet so sad. It feels like a return to form for the band and yet with the passing of Oli, we may not get something like this again.
  4. Thank for getting this up. Album absolutely rips!
  5. Thank you! This album just rips!!!
  6. As catchy as some of this stuff is, I am quite disappointed in the complete abandonment of their prior sound. I loved "Unbreakable" and "Apocalypse DJ" but with the releases of "Rise And Shine" and this album, I don't think you can call them Rock in any respect.
  7. Album of the year contender! Thank you so much for the share!! Tommy Karevik and crew never disappoint
  8. Thank you so much for finally getting this up. Great as always!
  9. Fantastic album! Thank you so much for the upload!
  10. Well, I hope you are right. I need something to redeem this album and I love BFMV soooo much
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