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  1. I loved Versus, 131 was not my thing tbh... And this one, Peach Club, it is amazing. Can't believe I was SOOO hyped about AMO, and it was pretty weak...then Emarosa comes and makes this masterpiece, this guys deserve so much recognition with this one, really glad for them.
  2. wow this is great, can't wait for the Kingdom Hearts 3 OST tho .
  3. First of all sorry, but english isn't my mother tongue (hahaaaaa) I'll try. Yep it is true, this doesn't sound like a BMTH song, but it is a nice song actually, it is pretty catchy, and even if it's radio friendly, it is still something...different... Not my favorite but definitely I like this even more than Medicine, and still hyped for the whole album.
  4. yep I was thinkin the same and thats the reason why I entered to this topic, not because of the band but because I was searching for someone who had same thoughts xdd this band sucks enormous gorilas dick
  5. Really love what this guys are doing. Can't wait for the album to drop
  6. This is not an AOTY. Pretty good album tho, very solid. Now, can we stop that joke of shouting AOTY for every fucking thing this band does, it has been funny but, please... The Rattler, Count Bassy and Gospel Burnout my fav songs for sure.
  7. If "The Rattler" keeps going the way I think it should, that would probably be my fav song on the entire album... Thanks for this amazing preview!!
  8. Is there any info about the album?? Im so hyped about this one!
  9. lyrics are pretty good, as always, Buddy know what he's doing...buuuuut the music instead feels pretty boring... I love SF tho and going to show support.
  10. Been following this guys for 10 years , still amazed... I really love this band and I'm really excited.
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