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  1. "Follow Me" has a bit starting 0:54 that sounds like the Westworld theme. Lovely.
  2. Fuck yes. my day got a whole lot better.
  3. @Voinolin thanks so much! Such a good album. Indie is life
  4. He does sound like Spencer but not whiny.
  5. This is good. But i'm hoping the whole album is going to be like the first single.
  6. Its been a year. Such a good album.
  7. Such a movie. Might check this out.
  8. I've played this album all summer. Forgot how great of an album this was. Very underrated band.
  9. Feel was okay Madness was completely forgettable Gossip Is shit!
  10. Sexy.
  11. Matriarch was a great album, one of my favs in 2015. I believe they can top it off with this next one. Solid song! I'm excited.
  12. I need patience for that 320. So tempting