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  1. kind of mediocre. But not gonna lie, the song is catchy. The guy can sing. Im gonna give him a chance. Tilian's first album with DGD wasn't the best. It was the album after where he started to shine. Same thing happened with Bradley in Emarosa.
  2. they look ridiculous in those clothes. Not gonna lie tho i've listened to them on a normal routine back in my elementary days.
  3. very tasty. Now if Eidola would follow next..
  4. i really enjoy bands with capable vocalists that can sing. It's a musical turn on for me. So for the sake of casual discovery, let's play a game. Link a song of a band/artist with vocals that sounds superb to you, It can be any genre, anything. Share those goodies. Here's what i've last listened to: Dude sounds like Tyler Carter with a tinge of Jonny Craig https://youtu.be/PJ6vlY4XB3A
  5. Kind of mediocre but there are some guilty pleasure songs
  6. Compared to HOTS, This album should be listened to when relaxing. Solid album. Tight Rope & Mirror Master are HOTS-esque tracks
  7. This is lovely. Tremble is my fav
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