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  1. Landon Tewers - Jane (Single) (2017)

    Damn that is some good shit. I've only ever listened to Dynamite. This is something else.
  2. Too Close To Touch - Before I Cave In [Single] (2017)

    This band is consistent AF
  3. Sounds like Taka with a ting of Jonny Craig. I love making stupid comparisons.
  4. Alvvays - Antisocialites (2017)

  5. I think i like Connector a tad better but this is growing on me in every listen.
  6. Pulling through my finals week. Aint this a shine in the dark.
  7. Veil of Maya - False Idol (2017)

    "Follow Me" has a bit starting 0:54 that sounds like the Westworld theme. Lovely.
  8. Veil of Maya - False Idol (2017)

    Fuck yes. my day got a whole lot better.
  9. Hippo Campus - Landmark (2017)

    @Voinolin thanks so much! Such a good album. Indie is life
  10. Veil of Maya - Doublespeak [Single] (2017)

    He does sound like Spencer but not whiny.
  11. I the Mighty - Chaos in Motion (Single) (2017)

    This is good. But i'm hoping the whole album is going to be like the first single.
  12. Local Natives - Sunlit Youth (2016)

    Its been a year. Such a good album.
  13. Benjamin Wallfisch - IT (OST) (2017)

    Such a movie. Might check this out.
  14. A Song For You My Dear - ASFYMD (2016)

    I've played this album all summer. Forgot how great of an album this was. Very underrated band.