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  1. i really enjoy bands with capable vocalists that can sing. It's a musical turn on for me. So for the sake of casual discovery, let's play a game. Link a song of a band/artist with vocals that sounds superb to you, It can be any genre, anything. Share those goodies. Here's what i've last listened to: Dude sounds like Tyler Carter with a tinge of Jonny Craig https://youtu.be/PJ6vlY4XB3A
  2. Kind of mediocre but there are some guilty pleasure songs
  3. Compared to HOTS, This album should be listened to when relaxing. Solid album. Tight Rope & Mirror Master are HOTS-esque tracks
  4. This is lovely. Tremble is my fav
  5. Wish it was an full length LP. Took him a while.
  6. This is a lovely ep. I wish Fever was in the EP tho. That was my fav.
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