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  1. This is something that Saosin will never do if Cove is still in the band. Out For Blood is my favorite. I swear to God his screaming sounds like Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath. This band deserve massive recognition. Thanks for posting it @mR12
  2. Maybe you could put the name of Cove Reber so people are aware that he's already back
  3. Playing this track for almost two days. Holy shit! Spencer Chamberlain possessed Cove Reber xD


  4. Dude, fucking calm down. This is only my opinion and this comment is roughly a year ago tf.
  5. New EP will be available on October 2018 titled "The Shape of Punk is Dumb". Go spread the word
  6. Holy shit! The album is really fucking good. Best work from Caleb so far.
  7. I thought Wage War and Hollywood Undead will be included in this list xD Really happy that Underoath and Brand New are in the Top 10.
  8. The EP he did back in 2011 iirc had a lot of potential. I just wish that he continued EMB after he got kicked in the band. Bryan is the most underrated member in BLG. Judging this live performance, Bryan is a much better singer for me (no offense to BLG fans).
  9. If BLG will make comeback, I want their old bassist back in the band. He compliments very well with Martin's voice and there are times that I feel that he's a much better singer. If you haven't heard of his side project before, have a listen to this one.. I'm still hoping that we can get a new album from BLG by next year. The last one kinda disappoints me a lot. Nonetheless, this band is one of the most underrated pop-punk bands ever.
  10. Can you imagine that the singer is the one from Boys Like Girls?
  11. Thanks mate!! This is really nice Happy Sunday to you!
  12. Open up my eyes and show me salvation..