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  1. Sounds like earlier NOFX and Bad Religion to me. But still expecting Matt handling most of the vocals.
  2. I'm really digging this track. This is really Blink!!!
  3. I honestly come back to this record when I'm really having a bad time of my life. Hope you like it. It's Alive - Human Resources Letter Kills - The Bridge Dear Whoever - Sound the Trumpet Edit: I don't know if you are familiar with Scary Kids Scaring Kids 😊😊 Please check them out because they are my favorite post-hardcore band
  4. Alright I'm done... My editing skills sucks 😅😅😅
  5. Taylor Swift's outfit kinda reminds me of Dead from Mayhem 😅😅 As you wish @Summers
  6. I just found this photo in twitter hahaha. I'm not really good in photoshop but we'll see hahaha
  7. This look much better...
  8. Album cover inspired by Black Metal 😅
  9. So Post-Malone is doing Never Shout Never now? 🤔🤔
  10. The album has a therapeutic feeling and it's good to listen while working.
  11. The Devil Wears Prada - Anatomy - Breakdown of the song gets me everytime. I really lost my shit first time hearing it 😁
  12. I never thought I'll be seeing the day that Whitechapel would do acoustic. This version is really good.
  13. Since I was really bored, maybe it's time for a face reveal after being a member of this site for seven years. And yeah, this is me
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