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  1. Derek Sanders?? From Mayday Parade? 😁😁
  2. This song is actually good, sound is kinda a mixed of TOYPAJ and some experimentation from the self titled album. But I still expect more better riffs from Skiba tho.
  3. Finally, Time to delete the low quality one over YouTube.
  4. Absolutely a waste of space dammit. Still happy that Angels and Airwaves will release a new material which is something to look forward to.
  5. Hoping for Majority Rule, Pg. 99, City of Caterpillar, and Orchid to drop something... #Skramzzzz
  6. This album is crafted deep on Phil Bozeman heart. Every shit he experienced growing up, are put on this record. AOTY! Solid 10/10
  7. Holy shiit! This damn fucking good. Phil Bozeman is taking deathcore in the right path. I thought Bring Me Home is the best song he did with his melodic vocals. This new song is just awesome.
  8. Martin seems to have many works outside BLG. He has The Night Game, he owns a recording studio, and he's really busy af writing songs for other artists. I mean BLG have alot of fans but it seems they don't care. I guess they should disband. BTW, this is my favorite song by Bryan Donahue's Early Morning Blues.
  9. I know that he's a current touring guitarist for All Time Low. I don't know what happened to his bands Early Morning Blues and The Tower and the Fool, but I think he's already done with it. What pisses me off is that BLG didn't invited him to perform during the 10th anniversary of their self-titled debut. It seems that there's a bad blood between him and Martin tbh. Honestly I prefer Bryan over Martin in terms of vocals on their live performance. It would be nice to see if BLG would kick Martin and replace him with Bryan as their lead vocalist. Martin sounds amazing in The Night Game. The last BLG album is a huge miss for me.
  10. This band discogs are seems to be hidden all over the web. Holy shit! Time to blast them right now. 


  11. You can't kill me! I am Omega!! Ohhh shit! Wrong song
  12. Let's see if he will still be in this band after a year. And let's see if he can release a second studio album with the same band lol
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