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  1. Damn! I can listen to this album in like forever. I haven't stop listening to this one since it leaked few hours earlier. Definitely miles better than SITS (btw, I don't think it's a bad album tho). Glad to see the prominent usage of scream vocals which totally lacking on the previous release. This album is fucking sick af!!
  2. Dude, there's no definite answer to that. Things will leak when they leak. Can you get rid with your thirstiness for a bit and just wait for the new single to come out?
  3. New single is really good \m/
  4. This band deserves more attention! The new EP is really good (in the veins of old school Mayday Parade). Love their previous EP as well Thanks for sharing this one
  5. Time for some Veil of Mayoooooooooo!!!!
  6. Having an SKSK marathon right now #AfterDarkReissue B)

  7. I can die now I badly missed this band so much and seeing their older stuff get reissued makes me hope that I could see an SKSK reboot someday (even though I know it will never be the same without Tyson ) Been a fan of this band for almost a decade Thanks fellow SKSK fan @King Prevail
  8. OMFG! I never expect this one to popout right now. Thanks as always KL fam
  9. Currently listening to Classical Music......WHAT? :D:P

  10. Nice to see this album on this site after the early leak of it. Cosmonauts is my fav off the new Quicksand.
  11. Nice to see some details about the new AA album. I'm really excited about it. It seems I Am Iniquity track title change.
  12. Hoping for a new Boys Like Girls record after this one.
  13. Whoa! So Ringo is the new Paramore member?

  15. Not expecting this one to popped-out! Ohh boi! Thanks KL fam