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  1. Imagine if half of this album sounded like this Gonna save Leap of Faith, Under Again, Don't Need You, Breathe Underwater and Crawling. Gonna delete the rest xD
  2. Damn! Why the hell they put Crawling as a bonus track? Holy shit! The song is much better than the whole album (except Don't Need You) combined.
  3. Why people compare every metal bands to BMTH everytime a band tries to have a different sound? XD
  4. Wow!!! This is so good! Been following them since their first EP. Nice to see new Mayday Parade and Oh, Weatherly here in the site.
  5. OMG!!!! This is soooo goooood!!! It's a great comeback single.
  6. I wonder what happened to Mike Hranica's screaming? I mean if you compare their last two albums, his screaming sounds very weak and he doesn't do much lows anymore. This is my opinion.
  7. BFMV is one of my favorite bands but fuck! This is really awful. Wasn't impress by the first three singles thus far.
  8. Damn! the rapping is pretty damn horrible. I wish it's just Tells singing the whole song.
  9. The instrumentation and screaming are great but the vocalist needs to worked on his clean singing more.
  10. Why everything sounds like BMTH to some people?
  11. Loneliness is so damn good!! I wish it's on the standard edition of the album.