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  1. Will check that debut album by Matt's current band. Still happy that he's still doing music.
  2. I thought Letter Kills will have a comeback, they did create an instagram page of the band. At first I thought it could be a reunion tour, but never heard any progress with that from the band. Still hoping they would do some touring again. I also agree with your comments about The Wedding. I also enjoy listening with both singers. I also remember looking for an existing download of Distance EP by The Wedding. Took me a week to found a download. EP is an absolute fire. Hope we get a reunion and possible new material in the future.
  3. Letter Kills, The Wedding, Chronic Future, Sunny Day Real Estate, FM Static, The Click Five, Upon This Dawning, Hopes Die Last.
  4. Holy shit!! Christmas about to end in my country and it's nice to see a great gift before the day ends. Thanks KL fam 😊😊
  5. I never thought a single day that SKSK will release new music. As a longtime SKSK fan, it's a great way to be alive again. Thanks for the music forever Tyson. You're forever missed.
  6. Derek Sanders?? From Mayday Parade? 😁😁
  7. This song is actually good, sound is kinda a mixed of TOYPAJ and some experimentation from the self titled album. But I still expect more better riffs from Skiba tho.
  8. Finally, Time to delete the low quality one over YouTube.
  9. Absolutely a waste of space dammit. Still happy that Angels and Airwaves will release a new material which is something to look forward to.
  10. Hoping for Majority Rule, Pg. 99, City of Caterpillar, and Orchid to drop something... #Skramzzzz
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