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  1. Waited 8 years for another BN record!!
  2. Hell yeah \m/ 666
  3. thanks for this one mom
  4. I do miss the old vocalist, I remember When The Smoke Clears come out, it really sounded like a different band. Maybe because the new vocalist has a whiny vocals.
  5. Thanks for this one, I forgot that they suppose to have a new album this year.
  6. I could die now!!!!!!!!!
  7. Man, I can't believe the fact that you're only 17 wherein it appears that I'm 3 years older than you, but the way you think makes you more older than me. Damn, it really hurts you leaving knowing that you are the one responsible for site's major improvements, as well for those annual request threads that we've fallen in love for. For 2 years, you clearly become one of my idols within the site. Thanks for all the leaks that you gave to us. KL will never ever be the same without you @mR12 :'( Man, you'll be sadly missed Good Luck to your future endeavors in life and take care my brother. Much love and respect!
  8. I just downloaded the 1st single yesterday. I didn't expect that this will leak very early. Thank you very much KL
  9. Love the artwork HAHAHAHAHA
  10. Currently downloading this album. Any tracks off the album that sounded or had a vibe of Texas Mickey, Good Luck With Your Lives or Giving Up?? This band keeps getting better and better!
  11. Wait? I thought this parody band is already done....
  12. I'm loving the singles so far. I do hope that the band has a single song on the album that sounds like Texas Mickey, Good Luck With Your Lives, Giving Up or probably Call It Karma. This band keeps getting better and better!!
  13. I get hype when I see the track labeled as Pop-Punk, I thought it will kinda remind me of some sort of nostalgia back in the day. Still a good song though, thanks for the memories
  14. No worries my friend I'm forever grateful to be a part of this awesome site.
  15. I want to have the Thursday full discography Those days are amazing