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  1. No digital purchase? They have many fans international why would they only sell it in shows? That sucks
  2. Zippy for me because passtheleaks doesn't have resume download (IDM)
  3. Wow they released new stuff after how many years! Thank you
  4. This is great. Hope there's new material for Crooks UK!
  5. Thank you for everything. Goodluck in your future endeavors
  6. Best album from them imo. Fav track is Fourteen
  7. Got some chilling vibes in them I dig it. This ep is great!
  8. They went ham on this album. Excited to hear the rest!
  9. This sounds great! Cant wait for the album.
  10. Thank you filecrypt for your solid service to this beautiful community
  11. After all these years they finally released it lol thanks for this
  12. Follow me is the most heaviest track in the record 10/10 what a banger
  13. This album is great on rainy nights just chilling on the bed feeling warm and cozy. Imo their best album by far
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