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  1. Mike Shinoda and K. Flay?! OH MY LORD! Thank you!
  2. Favorite band fan reporting; This is mediocre at best. Which is saddening because I was under the impression this band was incapable of disappointing me. However, it is just one song, and they are working on two albums so we'll see what the future holds! But, as always, thanks!
  3. Sounds like Breaking Benjamin. Thanks!
  4. This album is gonna be good!
  5. That album art is actually really great. But, they don't have Moose anymore. This band used to be so good. The new song isn't terrible but, it doesn't make me interested in the album whatsoever. I'll keep up via piracy; I ain't paying for this.
  6. I really liked Rescue Me. Is this really that bad?
  7. Brent is so aggressive on this new stuff. I loooooove it; this definitely supersedes Threat to Survival, imo.
  8. I was just talking about how I hope they do another "Phases" This is great; thanks!
  9. Holy shit! Thank you! Good or bad, this band deserves exclusive listening for like a full week.
  10. Really glad it doesn't have Overdose on it, tbh.
  11. @NightAngel Even cooler! Thanks for the info!
  12. Awesome! Love this! Might be worth noting that Hunting Season features Travis Barker
  13. Oh my God, "Welcome Home" is about Beau's daughter and it's PERFECT. I love it!