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  1. How does this compare to 9.0 Live?


    1. LKA



  3. I can't ever agree with anyone that can muster the self-righteousness to ever think they can somehow determine if someone is a "true fan" or not. Just because someone appreciates a band's later material more than their previous doesn't make them any less of fan. Get over yourself.
  4. You guys that are quoting my entire post are wild.
  5. I've had a few days with this album and I wanted to come up with the best response to it that I could before I posted anything. Matriarch is one of my favorite records I've ever listened to. Before that, Veil of Maya had a permanent spot in the "don't give a shit" pile. I saw a teaser for Mikasa on Facebook and, as it was 15 seconds long, I looked at it. It just showed a little screaming and most of the chorus. I was totally astounded by how intrigued by it that I was. When the album came out, I listened, and loved, every single song. Not only did i enjoy the record, but Matriarch became one of my favorite albums of all time. Years passed and, like any other fan, I wanted more music. I knew that, for me, Veil of Maya wouldn't be able to make anything better than Matriarch and I was okay with that. I just wanted more music. Fast forward 2 years; new Veil of Maya single, "Overthrow." I listened to it a good bit, I really liked it; it wasn't Matriarch-level good. But, it was good. Following that, "Doublespeak" came out. At first, I was pretty meh on it. I listened to it maybe once or twice and was like "okay, cool." I have a history with severe anxiety and depression; and the same day that this album showed up in my email, me and my long-time significant other almost split up. I was so torn up all day, crying and sobbing everywhere like a baby. I've put so much of my life and effort into my relationship and I honestly couldn't bare the thought of losing them. That night, I couldn't sleep; thoughts and the aforementioned anxiety and depression were eating at me. I thought about my life and all that I had done and I felt so shitty; I felt like I was as low as I could get. I felt like I was nothing but a fuck-up and wouldn't amount to much. We've all been there. In that sleeplessness, I decided I would give this album a listen, I figured the heaviness would help me cope with my emotions. I went through it and most of it was mildly forgettable, likely due to my mood. Then I ran into "Manichee"... Now before I continue, let me show you some lyrics from that song. This was one of those cases where your first listen of a song immediately puts you madly in love with it. After my day, and in addition to how I felt about myself with the depression/anxiety; and I admit, suicidal thoughts, and this song... no... these words were exactly what I needed that night. It could have been divine intervention; it could have been coincidence. But, I felt so much stronger after that. Following that, I re-listened to this album with renewed breath and open eyes; and I am so happy to report that I love every song on this album. I won't feed you any "this song/album saved my life", because it didn't. It wasn't that serious. But I will tell you that there still is magic in music. It had been so long since a song or album has touched me in an emotional way and I am so happy it could be this one. I don't expect anyone to really read this. I just wanted to share. Anyway, thanks! This album is great!
  6. In my honest opinion, this is really hard to listen to. I've not been a fan of anything Deuce has put out ever. Really not sure why I keep giving him a chance.
  7. These singles have been really awesome so far. I'm so happy to see these guys stretching beyond the usual anger-focused lyrics and trending toward a more positive message. I'm definitely excited for this!
  8. I'm a huge fan of Cane Hill. Their previous release was wonderful to listen to. Great nu-metal revival, imo. That said, the instruments are MEAN in this track. I fucking love it! The lyrics and flow of the chorus are a little messy, however. I can't wait for the album accompanied by this.
  9. I LOVE this album. I had never listened to NF before this record; I'm now going back through all of his material because I was so impressed by this album. Thank you so much for this!
  10. I've been waiting for this! Thank you!
  11. I never heard these guys before! I dig this. Thanks!
  12. Yessssssssss.
  13. How else to get into the spirit of spoopy Halloweeeeennn OOOOooooOOOOoooOOOOoooo (those are ghost sounds)
  14. Release - September 27, 2017 Genre - Pop, Compilation, Spoop Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. The Jacksons – This Place Hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel) 2. Michael Jackson – Thriller 3. Michael Jackson – Blood on the Dance Floor 4. Rockwell – Somebody's Watching Me 5. Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana 6. The Jacksons – Torture 7. Michael Jackson – Leave Me Alone 8. Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – Scream 9. Michael Jackson – Dangerous 10. Michael Jackson – Unbreakable 11. Michael Jackson – Xscape 12. Michael Jackson – Threatened 13. Michael Jackson – Ghosts 14. Michael Jackson – Blood on the Dance Floor x Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up) Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes
  15. This is fantastic! Thank you!