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  1. I really like this wow! It’s a nice marriage of their past and present sounds. BMTH never ceases to be interesting. I really hope we hear more soonish maybe??? a girl can dream? Thank you!
  2. Another band that's proven incapable of writing bad music so far. Can't wait to hear more! Thank you!
  3. In an interview, the band mentioned this being their “heaviest record yet”; produced by Matt Good and featuring Kellin Quinn (I am so tired of seeing ‘Feat. Kellin Quinn’) and Benji Madden. So, this album will be interesting to say the very least...
  4. Man, if nothing else this band is consistent as fuck. They sound exactly like they did in 2006 and that’s not really a bad thing, imo. This is great. Also that saxophone part in All the Way (Stay) got me feeling some type of way, it should have been the closer! I always had a soft spot for this group and they get to keep it another album.Thank you!
  5. I’m gonna say what is likely to be an unpopular opinion here about this: I enjoyed parts of this album; which is “parts” more than the last few albums they’ve put out. I LOVED this band in the Dead Throne/Zombie era and I’ve tried to cling since but just disappointed myself. This album though... it has some great parts. I really liked Please Say No, Numb, and Wave of Youth for the most part. But, Mike’s... whatever that is he’s doing... is awful. It completely ruins it for me. I can’t stand that hollering he’s doing. I understand this man has been doing metalcore for the better part of 20+ years but I do not like the ways he’s using his vocals here. Overall, I listened and didn’t hate it but I didn’t love any section more than a minute or two at a time. Thanks, though!
  6. I haven’t listened to Norma Jean since Wrongdoers but damn I’m glad I came back! This was a pleasant listen! Just as metal as ever here. Thank you!
  7. I really appreciated this. I do wonder why we got an EP and not an album this year. Strange! But, I won’t complaint this is great! Nightmare is like the boppiest bop they’ve ever made. I fucking love this band to death. Thank you!
  8. I envy that experience you had! It sounds wonderful.
  9. I've had a soft spot for this band since they released Heroin Diaries. I LOVED that album and I LOVED This is Gonna Hurt; but, since then, they've kinda lost me. This feels a lot more in-line with the band I used to enjoy! Thank you!
  10. This is objectively bad but I like it. Am I retarded?
  11. @mhiongskiee Sure! In Our Bones JP: Past Lives JP:
  12. When you've changed your style so much that you can appropriately advertise a song by simply stating it's an original song, you've lost what made you special.
  13. So, I really loved the singles from this one and some of her one-off singles prior to this album like “5 in the Morning” but this album just felt like a really long intermission. The singles were definitely the best songs on the album, in my opinion. Enjoyable. Not for me. Thanks!
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