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  1. I went into this expecting something else entirely but this is acoustic. It was a pleasant surprise but it caught me off guard for sure. (yes i know it says "unplugged" but my brain just read "live") Thanks!
  2. This band is easily my fav guilty pleasure. Thanks!
  3. Album/project is called "Post Human" -- they plan to record 4 records this year, according to a recent interview. I really like this! Thanks!
  4. I tell people I love this band, and they always reply with "oh you like Synthwave" but it's just not that simple. This band has such a unique flavor to them that no other artist even gets close to and I love it. Thank you!
  5. This band is incredible. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I just found this band through YouTube and this shit is perfect levels of heavy. Reminds me of Wage War's early efforts and that's totally a good thing! Thanks!
  7. I enjoyed every song on here. Thank you! The bonus track is kinda meh but I guess that's why it's not an "album track?" Can't wait to listen to it a lot more and grow to love it and come back her saying this is the best album this year. Thanks!
  8. The BLACKPINK part made me laugh haha. Thanks for the giggle. Good work, unironically.
  9. OH FUCK YES you already know I'mma type up a novella on this one THANK YOU
  10. I really wanted to share this here: "Fans always comment saying Danny is stopping us from what we wanna do. The next record is aptly called: "Danny Made Me Do It" A fun watch!
  11. An improvement over her previous, imo! I really like it! thank you!
  12. I consider myself one of maybe 11 people on this entire site that still enjoys Asking Alexandria following each release and this album, after 3 listens, is meeeeeeh. The first 5 or 6 songs are really strong and I was jamming them pretty hard. The rest may be a grower but I didn't hate this album entirely. I'll keep listening but it's an easy 6.5/10 for me after some fresh listens. You guys know I'll definitely report back if I come up with a different opinion.
  13. Taylor has been teasing TPR4 for almost 2 years on every single Insta post and it's gotten my lips so wet. T H A N K F U C K it's finally imminent. Thank you! I love this!
  14. Such a sweet song I love itttt! Thank you!
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