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  1. These are unique and creative but I do miss his vocals.
  2. I'm just going to take my down votes. You guys are really hard on a band fro releasing "the same stuff over and over again" to have some of the bands you do listed as your favorite bands. If you don't immediately shit yourself and cum everywhere on your first listen you write it off as bad or mediocre and go back to their previous material; and when a band notices this trend they make stuff that's similar to their older stuff hoping fans will embrace it and this cycle just repeats. Bands stay similar, you shit on them for no innovation. They change, and you shit on them for changing their sound. The album is fine. It's not aoty but it's Fit For a King and that's exactly what I expected when I clicked on an album with Fit For a King.
  3. This comment is an echo chamber and I'll toss my echo in as well. This is wonderful! I've really enjoyed literally every song this band has put out since 2010. That's the Spirit is one of my favorite albums of all time, amo was a solid 9/10 and this is shaping up to compete with both of them. I think I can honestly say BMTH is my favorite artist. I'm convinced that this band cannot produce a bad song in reference to my taste. thank you!
  4. So, I finally got around to listening to this since it leaked so early I decided to wait a bit and really listen when it officially released. It's a lot more electronic than previous efforts which isn't bad but it's laid on really thick. You could tell me the band is just Lynn and I'd believe you. Admittedly, I really disliked Gimme a Minute when it came out; I was really jaded by the album featuring 5/11 songs from an EP we got 6 months ago and even then not including the other songs from it which were great, imo. About 2 weeks ago, I remembered that this album was coming out and I figured I'd give the "pre-release" singles another listen. Gimme a Minute immediately grabbed me. The end really had be feeling a vibe. Hallucinations and Old Wounds are still meh for me but the rest of the album is actually great. It's hard to compare it to their old stuff, just like All We Know... was difficult to compare to White Noise. It still has Lynn's lyrics, which are deep as usual. It still has her flavor of emotional. I dig this a lot. Thanks!
  5. Yeah I ran through this 4 times. It's OKAY. It's a step up from the abortion that was Witness even if the only way to go was up. It's not Teenage Dream; it's barely comparable to PRISM, imo. It's decent. I'll probably forget about it in a few weeks, if that. Thank you either way!
  6. I've heard a lot of conflicting information about the audio quality of this album, so I think I'm gonna wait for the official release for a first full listen. It is pretty stupid that the pre-release songs like "Small Talk" and "Never Worn White" are JP exclusives, so I won't have them on the album with Spotify. But I heard it's really middle-of-the-road for a pop album and on-par for Katy. So my expectations are staggered. Thank you!
  7. Their second song released ever! I love it as much as California but I can see their style and I really like it! I hope they have an album coming Thanks! On a real unrelated note I hate this album art bc you can see the wax scar on her lip from waxing her lips too damn much. I have one too lol that's the only reason I noticed it.
  8. Weird that this album doesn't have "Never Worn White" or "Small Talk" on it. Wikipedia cites them included on the "fan edition" whatever that is. Just seems odd that she would write, record, and release songs in the same era and not include them on an already-short album. Kind of makes me think it's just cutting costs for a deluxe edition later which would also include the acoustic version of almost every song so far. It probably sounds like I'm complaining and I kiiiind of am but I'm more just confused about the reasons behind these types of decisions.... Sorry for rambling thanks for the song!
  9. This song showed up on my weekly Discovery on Spotify and I really liked it! It kinda harnesses the same energy that MGK has been lately. This also appears to be this band's only song on spotify which is real promising for the band! Thanks!
  10. One more cover of this song and I might lose it. We get it, Billie Eilish is popular and has popular songs. At this point, I don't care how good the covers are, I'm legitimately tired of hearing this song. I love Conquer Divide but fuck man. anyway thanks lol. Sorry. edit:
  11. This makes my heart so happy. Even excluding the obvious tragedy involved with this band, this takes me back to a really good place when I was younger. Life has changed so much and I've grown up so much. But, I'll never forget the special place in my heart that this band, and particularly this era, holds in it. Thanks, KL.
  12. So, obviously, I really like this. Honestly Bonnie's vocals and songwriting will always keep this band good for me. My only gripe is, unless I'm mistaken here, Eviligo isn't a word and they made that up and that song makes no damn sense at all. Do correct me if I'm wrong lol. Anyway, yes, is good. Thank you.
  13. I've tweeted these girls dozens of times about how badly I wanted them to make new music. They almost always responded to me. This feels like a completion. It seems like they're gonna put Kiarely as front person and let Suzy do backup as opposed to how it was before. I welcome it! Thanks for notifying me about this, KL!
  14. Okay last question who is this sexy piece of human that replaced him?
  15. Wait what happened to Jonny? I must have missed something! Also, I thought I heard this band was changing their name...? How out of the loop am I?
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