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  1. This website changed my life. I found some of my favorite artists and songs through recommendations and high praises on this site. Hell, STARSET is my favorite band and I discovered them through the positive comments on their first record on this very website. I had a brief experience under the hood of this site a few years back when I was a Provider and my most memorable takeaway was how much work, effort, and LOVE you guys put into this website; it showed there, and has always shown on the site. I have always, ALWAYS, made a point to say thank you at the end of every comment I make on here towards the staff because I know how much effort you put in here. Like the echo of so many comments here, I'll definitely miss this place but I'm happy you are moving on to better things. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say THANK YOU for all you've done over the last few years here on KL. I'm sure a lot of us will remember this website, it's community, and the memories we made here for years to come. Niceties and general positivity aside, thank you. Seriously. I know that, for me, I've been through a lot of really dark moments and sometimes Leak Thursdays or an album I was looking forward to popping up on here a day or two early helped me when I needed it. I'm scared to think where I'd be if I didn't have those moments of "maybe life isn't so bad". So thank you guys. You fucking rule and never let anyone tell you that you don't.
  2. I've never been a very big BVB fan, still am not. But, they're certainly listenable compared to their older material, imo. Thanks for this!
  3. Hey you! Thanks for the recommendation on the sidebar! I enjoyed this!
  4. Never heard of this group. Kinda PVRIS-y I dig it. Thanks for showing me!
  5. Riot really do be making games just to push their soundcloud huh?
  6. I cannot wait for this album! These songs have been stellar! When does it release? The sidebar says this month but the pre-orders show January 2021 also, thank you
  7. This might be an unpopular opinion but I found this super boring. It just sounds like a copy and paste of the first 3 albums and while those albums have their place, after they released Dark Divine, I was kind of hoping for a more mature sound. Demon of My Own is really great but the rest of this, after 5 listens, I have completely forgotten. Perhaps I set my expectations on a place where I wouldn't have liked this album from the start. Oh well. Thanks anyway!
  8. Holy hell she's a babe with that pink hair. Ahem... Sorry. Christmas music already god I hate this year. Carly Rae is the only exception for me listening to this genre early. This is... decent. Thanks.
  9. My short Cane Hill story: I saw this band's name on 3 shows I attended before I even listened to them ever. I skipped them every single time. Then I finally listened to their first album, which was an obvious banger, and I was overwhelmed with guilt. I wished so hard that I had seen them live. Now since then, they put out Too Far Gone and the Killing the Sun EP and now this, and god dammit, these guys are so underrated and great it's not even funny. So, yeah, I'm a dumb. Thanks, though!
  10. This is a design choice! Chrissy said in a recent interview with Rocksound that the band will be creating a mix with much more instrumentation like their first record, with the poppyness of Album 2!
  11. This thread is already an echo chamber but I wanted to wait to listen to this a few times before I really made an opinion. Overall, it's great. I don't love it as much as amo, or That's the Spirit (It's an EP, I recognize that's the point) and I personally think the singles were the best songs but it's great. Even BMTH's mediocre is still good, imo. If anyone gives a shit, my opinions are in the song-specific threads but some quick notes that might earn me some lovely downvotes. - BABYMETAL's parts on Kingslayer are so awful. The rest of the song is great. This is the heaviest we've seen this band in years and the chorus and her verse are anime intros. Maybe BABYMETAL fans expected this but I'd never heard of them and... rest of the song is 9/10, their parts, 2/10. - Itch for the Cure is the worst interlude/instrumental this band has ever had. But, I have an inkling that BABYMETAL made the latter half of it. - 1x1 is really forgettable for me. I listened to it like 5 or 6 times and I just can't remember it when I look at the track list lol - Those mad lads actually managed to put that unit of a song title in the lyrics TWICE. The closer is thematically amazing. I personally think that the closer song is exactly what BMTH had in mind when they mentioned having "themed EPs." Again, overall great. Lots of experimentation here which I absolutely encourage and with that, I understand that with experimentation, I won't LOVE everything they come out with. But, I love that they're doing this stuff. Super creative and unique. Anyway thanks for letting me hear it early KL! My pre-order should be in hopefully before the apocalypse.
  12. A lot less.. I don't know... hip-hoppy? than her previous songs which I'm happy about. I loved Sweetener and this sounds a lot more in line with that. Thanks!
  13. Fuck, I love Tom DeLonge so much. I miss his voice so much. This is splendid! Thank you!
  14. Oh, this is a great surprise I had no idea this was coming out thank you!
  15. I loved the first 2 singles from this and I can't wait to listen to this I'm on a pop-punk high since MGK's album and this should provide a nice break from that because I've still been jamming it haha Thank you!
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