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  1. Starset is one of my favorite bands of the last decade and I love them. But this... Maybe I need more time with it... But this is... boring... Manifest was such a great track they really set the stage for another phenomenal record and this just under-delivers, in my opinion. I’ll continue to listen to it, maybe I’ll change my tune. But after about 10 runs through, I’m unimpressed. Thank you, though!
  2. This has a fucking keytar solo in it and I couldn’t love it more! Production is a little on the flat side but it’s definitely still very enjoyable! Thank you!
  3. I am so excited that she’s finally putting H3 out! I love this. Although, as mentioned, it’s odd that Nightmare is not included on the album and Without Me is. Oh well! Still fantastic! Thank you!
  4. I really enjoy this! blink-182 has always been a favorite of mine. I just wish they'd let Skiba fly a little bit more. Thanks, though!
  5. I went into this thinking I wouldn’t care for it. But, I love this! Thank you, KL!
  6. This is a totally acceptable album. I think I'm realizing that I'm just over these guys. thanks, though!
  7. These songs are just coming out with the weather changes. Thanks a ton!
  8. Very interesting song! I don't love it because it's so far from the sound I fell in love with. I am happy to see an uptick in BPM from ABIIOR, though. I suspect it will grow on me like Give Yourself a Try did. Thank you!
  9. I was wondering when you guys would post this! This is such a heart-warming track, and I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor uses this album as a way of announcing her engagement to Joe. shrug Anyway, thanks!
  10. It's a shame this band makes exceedingly great covers and painfully sub-par original music, in my opinion. This was great, though! Thank you!
  11. This band is incapable of disappointment for me. I absolutely LOVE this! It's everything I've come to from them. Thank you!
  12. Outstanding, beginning to end; NF never disappoints! Thanks!
  13. I've now had the chance to listen to this album a few times through, and I really enjoyed it! The closer was a little off-base but, I think they nailed the progression well. Thanks!
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