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  1. While this isn't a bad song... It's just... not impressive at all.
  2. I already have all of these but I just wanted to show my support for this post! Love this group! Thank you!
  3. I really enjoyed this! Although, Rhythm of your Heart still remains my favorite single so far! Thanks!
  4. Oh, looking forward to this! Thank you!
  5. I will check it out, thank you!
  6. @Tedwards_ While this would be an amazing suggestion, I’m quite well aware! The 1975 is my favorite band! Thank you though! @Joseph Ill check every single one! Thank you!
  7. Also, maybe you guys can help me! What genre is this? This 80s-style-upbeat,band-driven style? Reminiscent of this and The 1975’s first album. I absolutely love it and I would love to find more like it! Thanks in advance!
  8. Most excellent! Loved this album, and I’m happy to hear any acoustic version of any song from it! Thanks!
  9. So Bad is THE JAM on this album!
  10. It is a little repetitive, huh...
  12. These are the vocals I wanted more of from CrazyEightyEight. She has great range. Thank you!
  13. These guys haven't been impressive since Duality, in my opinion. I'm eager to try this, though! Thanks!
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