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  1. After the abortion that was Gossip, I'm really happy to see a band come back from a less-than-great album. I wish more bands took similar directions. Cause remember, this is what you wanted. Thanks!
  2. I love his voice! This is great! Looking forward to this album a lot! Thanks!
  3. Imagineer thnking you understand how leaks work.
  4. Are we getting a whole EP/Album of these re-imagined tracks?!
  5. I'm so done being disappointed by this band lol.
  6. I absolutely LOVE k.flay. Thank you for this!
  7. This coincides perfectly with my recent KSE binge! Also, just like everyone already said, the artwork is amazing! Can't wait! Thanks, as always, KL!
  8. Stand Atlantic is, like, one of my favorite bands ever after Skinny Dipping and while this is good, it doesn't quite keep the same energy as the original and it hits my ears weird... Thanks, though!
  9. Hell yeah! Been waiting for this for weeks! Thank you!
  10. I really really like this! Holy shit, thank you! Lauren stepping it up.
  11. Checking in for this single! I love this! I can't wait for the EP in March and the follow-up EP this summer! Thanks for posting this and being great!
  12. This is an interesting direction... It almost sounds like Panic! at the Disco, structurally. I’ve heard worse songs. I’ve heard better songs. Thanks!
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