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  1. This is so good! The mood the record sets it's almost magical, thank you for posting (:
  2. I haven't heard it but I love it 😍❤️
  3. Spanish speaking people wtf (I'm the only Bolivian tho)
  4. You do realize they had more commercial sucees when they made "rock" music, BNE and Riot! are actually their best selling albums xD
  5. I love this! But it kinda sounds like bury a friend by billie eilish 🤔
  6. After listening for a few days - I can say this is my favorite album by them, so good
  7. So I know you haven't heard the song? This is actually about her liking a boy and being really invested in him whereas the boy doesn't like her back and she kinda wants a reason for him not to like her (so she wishes he was gay so he'd have a reason) The boy the song is about turned out to be gay btw
  8. I want to like it but it is disappointing
  9. I kinda find this boring? I mean it's not bad, but just the vibe is.... meh
  10. sometimes I feel like so few people stan this band at this point! But I'm so in love with how their sound evolved, this song as their previous ones is amazing!
  11. I wasn't expecting this! Didn't even know they were gonna release an album this year! This is amazing!!!!
  12. I'm just loving everything they're putting out
  13. Album cover caught my attention and it's actually quite good
  14. If anyone is latino here this actually sounds like the intro for a chilean kids show called 31 minutos
  15. Am I the only one losing the high hopes for this album?
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